Langston Bates Lists Three Important Qualities to His Successful Concrete Career

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​​Langston Bates started in an industry that has a high level of competition. But in just a few years, he has accomplished much success and the respect from his peers.

Also, Bates has become involved in many organizations and associations in the concrete industry. First, he became a member and Associate Representative of the National Precast Concrete Association (NPCA) Precast Concrete Paving Slabs Committee.

The NPCA committees consist of a group of highly-respected individuals who have healthy ideas for the concrete industry. Bates has quickly turned into someone the team looks for answers to problems.

Also, Bates holds a leadership position and is building his resume at the same time. This leadership position usually takes time to gain. It only took two sessions for Bates to earn the role.

Because of the leadership role, Bates has had opportunities with other groups. It's the visible presence he exudes that has led to different jobs.

Furthermore, Bates is working on one of the more highly rated councils in the concrete construction industry. The group is the Post-Tensioning Institute (PTI), and Bates has had success despite only being a member for a short duration.

The successful career is just a characteristic of a hard work ethic acquired in school. Bates shows no signs of slowing down but does always look to learn more about any position.

"To become in this industry, a person must have three definitive traits," says Bates. "These are traits I have followed for years and will for my whole career."

Strong Project Management Skills

Bates can see the big picture of a project, but break it down into small, manageable steps. Workers of all industries handle large projects but do not have the necessary quality to complete them efficiently.

"I take a long look at the project, and envision where I want to be when I complete," explains Bates. "Breaking down the task into smaller ones helps me achieve success quickly."

Also, Bates suggests anyone working on something that becomes overwhelming should use this process. Not only will the task get completed, but it will help for future projects.

Ability to Be a Self-Starter

Even though Bates works for some of the most significant concrete companies in the world, he holds an entrepreneurial drive. He uses that particular drive in the workplace in every task he has completed.

The companies Bates works for values his drive and willingness to take the call and own a task from start to finish.

"As an artistic self-starter, you should take calculated risks," says Bates. "Brainstorm new ideas and execute with precision. More times than not, it works out in your favor."

Be Curious and Drive Results

To stand out in a company, Bates says an individual should always be looking to improve. This advice pertains to the individual, but also company-wide.

"I always look to ask questions about a project," says Bates. "Asking these questions, even to customers, prepares me for the task. Everyone appreciates the interest and thirst for knowledge."

It may be difficult for some to open up and admit they do not know it all, but the curiosity factor strengthens over time. The feature also gives employees self-confidence.

"As a result, the person will learn new ideas and job skills that will stay throughout their career."

Another strong trait every worker should know is what their goals are and how they are going to achieve them. This skill needs them to incorporate many of the other abilities and combine with passion and focus.

"Results-driven individuals are metrics-oriented and can quantify results to motivate themselves and their teams," explains Bates.

To learn more about Langston Bates and his successful career, you can visit his Linkedin.

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