Langston Bates' Continuing Success in Construction Industry Shows That Hard Work Pays Off, He Says

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Langston Bates started his career in 2016 and so far, has no problems making an impact in the concrete construction industry. A perfect example of what can happen when you put in the hard work and express determination, Langston Bates strongly encourages making connections in a desired industry in addition to hard work. "You never know what kind of career opportunities you will be presented with just by knowing the right person," says Bates. Within the last two years, Bates has become a contributing Associate Representative of the National Precast Concrete Association (NPCA) Precast Concrete Paving Slabs Committee and has also become involved with other organizations, such as the Post-Tensioning Institute, a not-for-profit trade association.

Becoming successful in an industry like construction can take years to perform. But Bates has proven if the hard work is put in, one can work for well-known corporations in the field.

What is most impressive is that Bates has kept the same position on the NPCA committee for the last two sessions. This occupancy includes the most recent gathering term. For someone still young in their industry career, it's an excellent boost to any resume.

"Being an engaged member of the committee has opened up connections I wouldn't be able to establish if I wasn't involved," explains Bates. "I've met respected individuals in the industry who have provided me guidance and even job opportunities."

The NPCA committees have a long history in the concrete industry. More importantly, they are highly respected by individuals within the field.

Since 1965, the NPCA has partnered with various corporations of plant-produced precast concrete goods. Also, they have helped suppliers of vital products and services within the industry.

The NPCA committees hold its members in the highest regard. Bates has not taken the responsibility and privilege for granted.

"I've been fortunate enough to establish myself in the committee and voice my opinion about important topics," explains Bates. "When the committee meets, there are meaningful discussions about the industry that takes place. I always try to lend a reasonable voice about the topic."

Since Bates has become the voice of reason in some regions of discussions in the committee, he has seized a leadership role.

"I'm not the type to stay quiet around when I have thoughts in my mind about a topic," proclaims Bates. "Embracing the opportunity for a leadership role has helped my career immensely."

What has set Bates apart from other influential members of the industry is his versatility. Not only has Bates worked on one of the more respect committees in the concrete industry, but also involved himself with the Post-Tensioning Institute (PTI).

The institute focuses significantly on five principals. Those are: Communicate Effectively, Educate, Organize, Market Certification, and Market Post-Tensioning.

"From my time with working at PTI, I've developed an understanding of their industry," says Bates. "While double-dipping in two industries could be time-consuming, I find it rewarding and beneficial for my career."

While working with PTI, Bates has become a regular fan of the PTI Convention. The convention is a chance for professionals in the industry to network, and expand their knowledge in the post-tensioning industry.

As Bates furthers his career in the industry, it's becoming apparent his voice is respected. Professionals that have decades of experience have noticed Bates and taken him under their wing.

"To have industry leaders come to me and express their pleasure of my work speaks volumes," Bates proudly states. "Knowing the long hours and hard work is paying off is the most rewarding payback I could have ever imagined."

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