Landowners in Iowa Get Backing From Presidential Candidate Ryan Binkley

Binkley Takes A Stand Opposing Eminent Domain Land Grab For Proposed CO2 Pipelines

Fighting for the Heartland

After talking with hundreds of people about proposed carbon capture pipelines, presidential candidate Ryan Binkley announced recently he is standing with landowners who are trying to stop the projects.

"It has process issues. It has eminent domain issues. It's got this issue called the Constitution, the Fifth Amendment," Binkley said. "I don't see this as a public use. I'm yet to be convinced that this is relevant."

A $5.5 billion proposal from Summit Carbon Solutions would be the nation's largest carbon capture and storage pipeline, a controversial approach to fight climate change that has produced inconsistent results. Summit is one of three companies planning to transport carbon dioxide from ethanol plants to underground storage through pipelines spanning thousands of miles across Iowa, Illinois, Nebraska, Minnesota, South Dakota and North Dakota.

"I've met with hundreds of people on this issue. Only one person I met with has been in favor of it, and they work for an ethanol company," Binkley said. "A few companies stand to make a lot of money from this pipeline. What about the local communities? If you're a farmer and don't want it, you should be able to oppose it. It's not for public use; it's a private pipeline. The farmers are owed due process, and if they are forced to sell, they will get the short end of the stick. They get a payment, but they don't get royalties. I'm standing up for the people."

Landowners who have not signed agreements with a company could be forced under eminent domain law to hand over their land. Residents are worried about harm to their crops and possible rupture.

"I can't stand the politics of it," Binkley said. "The worst thing about it is that it's government funded. It's going to cost billions of dollars. Taxpayer money is going to pay for some of this, and it could expand up to 65,000 miles of pipeline in the next two decades. We're starting a movement called Fighting for the Heartland."

Binkley is inviting people along the routes for the Summit Carbon Solutions, Navigator CO2's Heartland Greenway, and Wolf Carbon Solutions proposed pipelines to join an online rally at 4 p.m. CT Thursday, Sept. 7.

"I've been listening to the things people say they need. Number one is they say they need government to get out of the way. The pipeline is getting in the way," Binkley said. "I'm standing for the Constitution, standing for Iowa, standing for landowners."

Binkley has more than 50,000 unique donors who have contributed to his presidential campaign, surpassing the amount required to join the second primary debate on Sept. 27. He also received at least 1% of the votes in multiple national and Iowa polls.

Source: Binkley for President 2024 Press Office

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