LandMentor Empowers Users for a New Era of Sustainable Land Development

LandMentor is the first truly new solution for land planning and precision land development design Highlights -The first stand-alone precision spatial system for sustainable growth. - Ability to recognize, report and reduce waste. - No commands - easy to understand graphic prompts (patented). - Interactive 3D with plug & play Mixed Reality Headset support.

An entirely new era of communication for the land development industry

​​​​Neighborhood Innovations, LLC released LandMentor, a new stand-alone software with an education specific to sustainable growth. It introduces precision spatial geometry that supports plug & play immersive and interactive virtual reality for consulting firms and cities.  LandMentor’s Video Gaming based 3D will revolutionize the way development proposals are communicated.  VR headsets provide the first application where stakeholders in growth can experience the look and spatial feel of development and redevelopment during approvals, as well for marketing. 

Changing the way land development proposals are communicated:

“For the past 50 years, development proposals I’ve designed were presented knowing that clients (developers), as well as commission and councils could not visualize 2D renderings. This new system changes all of that”, said Rick Harrison, creator behind the system.  It introduces interactive 3D, as well as Mixed Reality Headset support.

Charting a new path to growth:

Plans contain only the minimal required information from regulations that have existing long before computers were invented.  It’s simply not enough information to make proper decisions.  LandMentor is the first technology that allows effortless precision spatial information to be developed during the normal workflow process.  This information includes whether the surface is impervious (man-made) or not.  Easily understood charts report critical information about the proposal, automatically matching the colors and textures shown on the plan.

A better and much easier user interface:

“We developed the first application of interactive ‘graphic prompts’, a process we patented, that eliminates hidden commands and long key sequences of over complicated software, reducing the learning curve to just a few days”, according to Keith Willenson, the programmer behind LandMentor.  Our prompts have context sensitive variable graphics within the prompt.

Truly easy VR headset support.

Working directly with Microsoft’s Mixed Reality team, Keith was able to develop VR Headset support that is as easy as plugging it in – no other effort required.

Education is key to better growth solutions:

Software automates known processes which is why consultants are still producing development layouts as if it was 1968, not 2018.  Rick is the innovator behind a collection of design methods that (compared to conventional design) reduce street infrastructure a demonstrated average of 25% increasing open space, safety, connectivity, and real estate value, market proven on over 1,100 developments in 47 Sates and 18 Nations.  To expedite change, LandMentor includes textbooks that teach these advanced methods in land planning, civil engineering, surveying, and architecture, while learning to use the software. 

Pricing & Availability:

LandMentor is available now for $2,995.00 USD per permanent license.

A license includes 90 days phone support, full color textbooks containing over 900 easy to read graphic pages, 1st day self-training video with examples, and perpetual updates and upgrades.

About Neighborhood Innovations, LLC.

Neighborhood Innovations, LLC controls the development software specific to improving design and processes of growth.  It is a spin-off of Rick Harrison Site Design Studio which was a research company formed to use technology to improve the design of new development and redevelopment.  Both closely held companies are involved in the development of LandMentor to increase the living standards for the world’s population.

Media Contacts:

Adrienne Harrison
+1 612-325-5775

Rick Harrison
+1 612-325-1950

Source: About Neighborhood Innovations, LLC.

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About Neighborhood Innovations, LLC

Neighborhood Innovations LLC is the developer and distributor of the LandMentor System for Sustainable Land Development for Public and Private Entities

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