Lance T. Crawford's New Book 'Spiritual Growth Through Travels, Nature, and Living Life' is a Look at How Nature Helped Shaped One Man's Life and Spiritual Growth

Fulton Books author Lance T. Crawford, a retired teacher, traveler, and avid reader, has completed his most recent book "Spiritual Growth Through Travels, Nature, And Living Life: There are many roads to realizing one's inner-self": an inspired book that follows the author's travels and subsequent spiritual growth.

Crawford is a lifelong traveler and hopes to pass on his worldly knowledge to readers, writing, "I see many areas of behavior that run counter to having a peaceful, cooperating society. The realization of a spiritual nature within each of us, I believe, can help societies to overcome many of the negative trends that I outlined above. I am an optimist, and I always hold hope for a better life for everyone."

Published by Fulton Books, Lance T. Crawford's book follows the author on his journeys all throughout the world. Readers will get to accompany the author on his travels to Western Europe, Northern Spain, Portugal, and many more. Crawford connects these travels with his own spiritual growth and believes that all readers can earn the same benefits. 

A nomad at heart, Crawford has been traveling for most of his life and this has helped him make a deep connection between travel and spiritual growth. These trips have shaped Crawford's views on life and helped him grow immeasurably. Traveling has given Crawford so much insight into other cultures and people, which readers will get the immense privilege of learning in this book. 

Readers who wish to experience this spirited work can purchase "Spiritual Growth Through Travels, Nature, And Living Life: There are many roads to realizing one's inner-self" at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes store, Amazon, Google Play or Barnes and Noble.

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Source: Fulton Books