Lance Denha Responds to Groundbreaking California Foreclosure Law

The recently approved Homeowners Bill of Rights in California is now requiring lenders to ensure that foreclosure procedures are conducted thoroughly. Lance Denha, attorney, explains why such a law is necessary to protect homeowners.

This month, California Governor Jerry Brown signed the proposed Homeowners Bill of Rights which is scheduled to go into effect on January 1, 2013. A recent article from explains the details of this new bill that was "approved by wide margins in both state legislatures, 53 to 25 in the Assembly and 25 to 13 in the Senate." As millions of California residents have lost their homes to foreclosure, many analysts have found that such results may have been made possible due to faulty filing practices carried out by lenders. Lance Denha , a legal representative who actively practices in foreclosure litigation, explains that this new bill will hold lenders responsible for their mistakes and give homeowners greater opportunity to protect their investments.

The Homeowners Bill of Rights is noted to prevent foreclosure in cases where homeowners have already begun to seek mediation. Even further, the legislation is designed to protect against the harmful practice of "robo-signing"; to face the vast number of attempted foreclosures, banks have carried out procedures that involve a bank employee signing approval documents without ever verifying the information. Lance Denha has represented multiple clients who have been victims of such practices, and notes that the oversight has cost a large percentage of homeowners their property without justification.

The article explains that each violation will cost lenders up to $7,500 and give mortgage borrowers the opportunity to sue the lender. It also states, "The new law will also require banks to provide all borrowers with a single point of contact when seeking a lenders' representative to discuss a mortgage." Los Angeles Assemblyman Mike Feuer is noted for his particular involvement with the bill's passage. Feuer states how The Homeowners Bill of Rights is vastly different from the national robo-signing settlement that was previously put into effect, "If the rules of the game are violated, borrowers have the right to say no. They will not be kicked out of the home they have lived in for decades unless the rules are followed."

Lance Denha hopes that this vital piece of legislation will gain national attention, and eventually lead to similar regulations across the country. "I am hopeful and optimistic that the pending implementation of this legislation sets the standard across the nation in an effort to help assist homeowners remain in their homes. Such efforts will negate any negligence, lack of effort or carelessness on the part of lenders and servicers when homeowners and their representatives are pursuing loss mitigation options."


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