Lampert & Walsh, LLC is Investigating Cases Related to Hospital Sterilization Issues

Lampert & Walsh, LLC

The attorneys at personal injury law firm Lampert & Walsh, LLC are currently investigating cases related to poor sterilization of surgical equipment in the Denver area. Over the past 18 months, thousands of patients in Denver and Aurora, Colorado – as well as the surrounding areas – may have been exposed to serious infections as well as viruses like Hepatitis B and C, and HIV.

“That these negligent practices were allowed to go on for so long is appalling,” said partner and attorney Sean Walsh. “Through our investigation, we want to find out how this happened so that we can prevent similar exposures in the future.”

About Negligent Exposure in Hospitals

All hospitals and medical facilities have a duty to ensure that the environment is clean and sterile to prevent the spread of infection and transmittable diseases. This is particularly important in areas that are used to perform surgeries since the patient is especially susceptible to infection during these operations. Therefore, hospitals and surgical facilities must have strict procedures in place to ensure that the equipment is properly treated and sterilized before every operation.

However, when these procedures are inadequate or poorly enforced, then negligent exposure may occur. This means that patients may be at a needlessly high risk of contracting an illness or infection from contaminated equipment at hospitals in the Denver area, such as Porter Adventist Hospital and others.

In some cases, patients may be exposed to chronic and even fatal illnesses. For example, patients may contract Hepatitis B or C, or HIV from unsterilized surgical equipment. Thousands of patients around Denver and Aurora may have been victims of negligent exposure to these illnesses.

About Lampert & Walsh, LLC

Lampert & Walsh, LLC is a Denver personal injury law firm that also serves surrounding cities like Aurora. For more information about our ongoing investigation into negligent sterilization practices in area hospitals, contact us today.

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