LALAL.AI Launches Desktop Application & Makes the Stem Splitter Cross-Platform

The AI-powered source separation service LALAL.AI is currently available as a desktop application in addition to the existing web client.

LALAL.AI Desktop App

The formerly web-only solution for extracting stems from audio and video sources LALAL.AI has launched a desktop application compatible with Windows, macOS, and Ubuntu devices, thereby making the AI-powered tool cross-platform.

"The launch of the desktop application lets users perform all stem splitting tasks in one place on their desktop instead of a browser, where many other tabs are usually opened, which makes it easier to search, organize and navigate between stems. Thus, we strive to streamline the music production process of our creators," says Nikolay Pogorskiy, Lead Engineer. 

The desktop solution replicates nearly the entire web functionality and allows musicians to extract eight stems from an audio or video source, such as vocals and backtracks, piano, synthesizer, drums, and three guitar stems (acoustic, electric, and bass), leveraging the same technology powered by artificial intelligence. The feature set includes but is not limited to multiple audio and video files batch-upload, up to 400MB limit per file upload, availability of all common audio and video formats, preview creation without any minutes withdrawn, correspondence between the output and input format as well as the quality of the original file. 

In addition to the aforementioned, the desktop solution enables users to save the processed tracks into the folder they select, therefore making it easier to organize the library of processed files. 

The upcoming releases plan to bring more features, such as splitting history tracking, multiple stem types selection, and an in-app audio player. 

The desktop application is currently available to try only to the premium users of the LALAL.AI web who hold the license key, unlocking the extended functionality of the tool. Musicians who are willing to learn more about the application, how it operates, how to obtain the key or install the application on their OS, can check the recent LALAL.AI blog article

Source: LALAL.AI