Lakeside Events Travels to Conference, Seeking Sharp Talent

 The President and top administrator of Lakeside Events recently traveled to Dallas for a quarterly leadership conference. In anticipation of future growth, the team has begun a hiring initiative.

There are many exciting chances to travel for Lakeside Events associates. They might be taking a road trip for cross-training opportunities one month, then flying to an exotic locale for an exclusive retreat the next. Recently Ellen D., the firm’s President, traveled to Dallas, Texas for a national leadership conference, and brought the company’s top admin with her.

“Every time I travel to the quarterly leadership conference I learn something new,” shared Ellen. “There is always a new bit of information or a fresh perspective that makes the trip worthwhile. This time, I was excited to bring our stellar administrator, Katie, with me. She has been putting in some serious effort and deserves to be recognized for all that she does.”

"Every time I travel to the quarterly leadership conference I learn something new."



To Lakeside Events associates, trips like the Dallas conference represent a chance to learn and grow both personally and professionally while also networking with some of the top minds in the industry. They are also a reward for a job well done. Katie certainly made the most of the opportunity that the weekend offered, saying, “The leadership conference was a blast! I am beyond grateful that I was chosen to go. I learned more in that weekend than I would’ve ever thought possible.” 

More Benefits of Joining the Lakeside Events Team

The commitment of Lakeside Events’ leaders to providing travel experiences is evidence of their dedication to helping associates develop. It has always been company policy to grow by onboarding sharp, career-minded people and then helping them grow into savvy professionals. This strategy has been a winner for Ellen and her team, and it continues to help them expand the firm’s influence. 

“In fact, we are now in the process of interviewing potential Lakeside Events associates,” stated Ellen. “We are growing rapidly, and have a few positions that need to be filled. For those who make the team, our training program is unlike any other they’ll find.”

Along with trips, new Lakeside Events team members will receive hands-on training with their own coaches. This one-to-one approach is the best way to transfer knowledge, train new colleagues with the skills they’ll need, and promote camaraderie.  

“Everyone starts in an entry-level position, giving them the chance to learn about our industry from every angle,” Ellen continued. “However, the speed with which a person moves forward with the company is up to him or her. We promote based on results, not tenure. I encourage someone looking for a fulfilling career to visit our website and find out more about the Lakeside Events opportunity.”

About Lakeside Events:

About Lakeside Events Lakeside Events’ experts know that growth begins by understanding an audience. Through ongoing analysis of the answers to this question, the team develops campaigns that strengthen customer trust in a brand, elevating it to new heights. Their ongoing result assessments hone their methods over time so that every campaign thrives. Lakeside Events is made up of designers, project managers, analysts, and strategists. They use in-house technology to track each campaign from start-up through execution. Combined with powerful partnerships, this company delivers valuable results for brands. Take a look at what they’re up to next at


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