Ladybeard's Latest Gameplay Video Features Playthrough of SMILEAXE CO., LTD.'s 'Photon Cube'


The famous actor and cross-dressing pro-wrestler Ladybeard faces a new challenge. This time, Ladybeard, excellent at muscle training, will try mind training by playing the new puzzle game “Photon Cube” (created by SMILEAXE CO., LTD.)!

How many levels will Ladybeard pass in his new gameplay video, “Ladybeard does mind-training with the puzzle game ‘Photon Cube’”? Check it on his YouTube Channel!

Ladybeard Gameplay Video 

“Ladybeard does mind-training with the puzzle game “Photon Cube”!”

Photon Cube Official Website

Game introduction
Photon Cube is a unique puzzle game where players control the Rookie Cube Trailer “Ray” joining forces with her robot friend “Cu-Be”, interacting with bands of lights and various photon blocks to connect Ray's way to the exit and clear the stage! It is a new type of 3D Prism Action Puzzle Game.

Good graphics, Easy-to-Play and multilingual
This game uses anime-style graphics and vivid colors to make it enjoyable for everyone, and it provides the excitement and interesting logic of traditional puzzle games.

In “Photon Cube”, players can use cubes to reflect, split and mix the light. Even people with little knowledge about the light can clear the game’s stages. This game is easy to play, which makes playing enjoyable for everybody, even if they have never played a game in the puzzle genre before.

Players will find many different cubes, obstacles and challenges through its 50+ stages – from mirror cubes that reflect light, cubes that can be mixed or split or even cubes that cannot be lifted.

This game has multi-language support, supporting Japanese, English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese, Russian and Traditional Chinese.

It has a new mode called “Stage edit”, where users can create their own stages, play them and if they clear the stage they’ll get a code called “QB:CODE”.
QB:CODE can be used from any platform and they can share their stages with everyone to let them enjoy too. 

Download Link (STEAM):

Who’s Ladybeard? 

Ladybeard is the super cute force of Australian performance destruction that has taken Japan, and the world, by storm. Pro-wrestler (DDT Pro-wrestling), actor, voice actor, stunt(wo?)man, heavy metal screamer, cutesey cute J-pop singer and speaker of 5 languages (English, Japanese, Mandarin Chinese, Cantonese, German), Ladybeard is an international idol and global sensation unlike any other.

Game Information

Genre: 3D prism action puzzle
Release date: June 2018
Platform: Nintendo SwitchTM/PlayStation®Vita/PC
Price: Nintendo Switch $13.65 (tax included), Steam $6.99 (tax included)
Official website:

Company Information

Company Name: SMILEAXE CO., LTD.
President: Hideyuki Soumiya
Address: Crell Togozaka Bld. 1F, 2-1, Yonbancho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, 102-0081, Japan



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