Lady Gin D's New Book 'The Fear Found' is an Eerie Read About a Mystery Case in an Unusual Town That Holds Dark Secrets and Unbelievable Truths

Fulton Books author Lady Gin D, a model, a CEO of UBrew Coffee, a CEO of Humble by Design wood design company, and a published author, has completed her most recent book "The Fear Found":  a mystifying narrative of a town full of secrets and unsolved mysteries that a certain veteran seeks to uncover one by one before it gets worse and the townspeople become hopeless.

D shares, "The mountain range has a dense air about it. Mid-October in Hellsage is full of various colors. The air has fall in it everywhere. The squirrels are running from one side of the trail to the other. Leaves are rustling dry scratch sounds across the road. David stops on a ridgeline to get a view of the campsite where Ellie Mae was taken from. He notices the tents, firepit, and scattered clothing. David starts for the campsite and notices a strange set of tracks leading away from the campsite into the wood line. His thoughts are a painful sort. Who could do this and why little Ellie Mae? Questions he intends to answer! He makes a mental note of the tracks as he stands inspecting the overall damage to the site.

David is—well, if you ask him—a retired bounty hunter. He spent twenty-one years as a special operative CIA agent; you know, the kind who protects the president. Only David protected the secrets of many countries! He was more than the average joe in the secret world that the countries of the world hold. David is a week away from retiring as a bounty hunter for Hellsage, Montana.

Hellsage is a town so far off the beaten path that the population of the town is eighty-nine people. People come to Hellsage, but never stay long. The town has a history of darkness and secrets! The winters are cold, blizzards are more often than not, and temperatures range in the negative ten- to negative forty-degree range. The air in Hellsage was different this fall for the town's people. They never knew the fear found would be so much to withstand. No one saw it coming! It's a small town with even smaller secrets."

Published by Fulton Books, Lady Gin D's book is a head-scratcher novel about strange happenings that take the townsfolks by surprise and only those daring enough to explore it encounter the unthinkable.

This book also exposes the reality is not at all what it seems. With this revelation, it manages to share insights and dread of what's left in store for the town.

Readers who wish to experience this astounding work can purchase "The Fear Found" at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes store, Amazon, Google Play or Barnes & Noble.

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