LaContempo Announces Special Price On Vision Sectional Sofa

Everybody loves when they can arrange their sofas in their own way, to make more space in the living room. A sofa which can serve as a cozy bed. LaContempo introduces special price on one such sofa- Vision Sectional.

When it comes to furniture, people prefer to get something which complements their decor. Next in the list of judging is that it ought to be highly comforting, space saver and is graceful. That one sofa, which they can arrange in the manner they want it to be. The seating which adds a lot of flexibility and makes space for additional seating spaces. LaContempo introduces Convertible Sectionals to meet this requirement and announces special price on its Vision Sectional.

One of the executives quoted, “ Sectional sofas provide space and flexibility like no other furniture piece can. These sofas comprise multiple sections and consists of portions that are joined at an angle of 90 degrees. They are creating a rage in the latest trends of furniture. Available in different fabrics, they are highly durable and comfortable. Some of the sofas can be adjusted to be used as bed and some offer internal storage space which helps to keep excess clutter off. Large groups of people can sit and have fun on these, and besides these sofas can be adjusted according to your suitability.”

Vision sectional, by Armen Living, is a convertible sectional with ample storage space and converts into a big bed. The corner section is adjustable and be used as right corner or left. It has a inner spring structure and is available in three fabrics- Microfibre Dark Beige, Obsession truffle and Microfibre beige brown. Pillows are also included in this graceful set. The fact that it provides ample surface space and is highly spacious itself makes it a good choice for the people looking for bed, storage space and flexibility.

The executive further quoted, “LaContempo is a versatile furniture store carrying wide range of modern contemporary furniture. To keep fulfilling the demands of ever changing trends, we keep adding new models and pieces to our list. We ship your items with shipping companies such as UPS, FedEx, DHL as well as privately owned shipping companies specializing in furniture delivery and assembly. We accept payments from personal checks and the following major credit cards: Visa, Master Card, and Discover.”

LaContempo is a Modern Furniture Store in Los Angeles, and they offer modern contemporary furniture which includes some of the leading European and Italian brands. Their range includes classy and stylish furniture to add tone to the living room, bedroom, office, commercial space and more.

LaContempo has been serving the needs of Los Angeles since 2011 with their modern contemporary furniture pieces. They offer their products at competitive prices and provide free shipping on various products. They offer leading brands like Bdi Office Furniture, Calligaris Italy, Domitalia, Modloft, Nova Lightning, Demka and Rosetto Italy etc.