Labx Announces Kickstarter Launch of Innovative 3-in-1 Multi-functional Laptop Sleeve, Stand & Desk

Today the team of mobile accessories experts Labx, announced the Kickstarter launch of their impressive new 3-in1 laptop sleeve, stand and desk that greatly improves the laptop experience for commuting and work. Now, users can boost productivity and reduce discomfort in the spine and neck while working on a laptop. Labx is available now on Kickstarter:

As anyone who uses a laptop knows, working with a laptop flat on a desk puts the body in positions of poor posture. Long work periods can cause lasting discomfort in the hands, neck and back. Now, Labx has arrived to improve the laptop experience. This innovative new stand combines a protective carrying sleeve and foldable stand that perfectly places the laptop or Microsoft Surface at the proper angle for both typing and screen viewing.

"Every year, laptops get lighter, thinner and more powerful. They are the best way to work on the go and most of us carry them every day as part of our work, study, or fun. The problem with laptops is that they tend to place our hands and wrists in bad positions for typing and they force us to look down at uncomfortable angles that strain the eyes and put pressure on the spine. As one who has long suffered from this issue, our goal with Labx became to greatly improve the laptop experience by combining a laptop sleeve, stand, and desk into one. Using a totally new foldable design and unique architectural structure, Labx provides protection, the proper angles for viewing and typing, and a secure desk-like workstation so that you can carry, travel, and work comfortably anywhere with your laptop." - Ryan Huang, Labx Founder

Labx features a PU leather, waterproof exterior with an ultra-smooth inner microfiber that protects the laptop while commuting. When it's time to work, the triangle structure transforms the protective sleeve into a sturdy stand to support devices up to 6kg, and keeps the laptop securely in place while working. With a clever folding design, it instantly changes between carrying sleeve and stand. It provides comfortable viewing and typing angles by raising the laptop and helps to effectively relieve the pressure on the cervical vertebra that results from uncomfortable working angles.

Labx is supremely sleek, has a modern aesthetic in stunning Space Gray and is perfect for daily use. It has wide compatibility and fits all laptops and tablets on the market. It lets users take their work anywhere and instantly creates a comfortable workstation in any location to boost productivity and comfort for any laptop user.

The Labx: 3-in-1 Multi-functional Laptop Sleeve, Stand & Desk is currently being introduced on Kickstarter with special pricing to reward early supporters. Learn more here:

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