Labour-Hire Companies Provide Safety Net for Businesses in Post-Covid Era

With job keeper officially over, there is an opportunity for businesses to take advantage of a new pool of candidates and revamp their workforce without the risk of hiring full-time employees through labour hire agencies.

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With the Australian government's wage subsidy program JobKeeper officially over, there has been widespread concern of great economic shock, with many businesses possibly facing an uncertain future. Potential future lockdowns remain a concern for many businesses, which creates the need for a contingency plan to ensure their survival. Labour hire agency in Melbourne, AIO Contracting, says many businesses are figuring out how they can remain viable on the other side of JobKeeper and suggests labour hire will provide a safety net.

Hiring skilled professionals through a labour hire company means businesses don't have to make long-term commitments in the same way they would with full-time employees. AIO points out that this essentially allows businesses to build their team in the post JobKeeper era and take advantage of the current economic momentum, while exercising caution in the event of another lockdown. Essentially, if another lockdown forces the business to cease operations, the company will not be required to continue paying the wages of labour hire staff.

The JobKeeper program was designed to preserve existing businesses and remained a critical economic lifeline for many companies and employees right through until it came to an end. With some businesses unable to stay afloat without the support, there will be additional skilled workers looking for employment. It is likely many of these skilled workers will look to a labour hire agency in Melbourne such as AIO.

Using a labour hire company, Melbourne workers are registered which gives businesses access to a greater pool of candidates. The benefit of using labour hire in Melbourne through an agency like AIO is that they help to match qualified and experienced professionals to trade roles. AIO has a team of expert recruitment consultants to source the right candidates for high standards of work across a variety of industries. They use strict criteria to attract, assess and match candidates with the right experience for the role.

As businesses exercise caution moving forward in the post JobKeeper era, there is great potential to revamp the workforce using a labour hire company rather than hiring full-time employees, to minimise the risks associated with further lockdowns.

Source: AIO