's Union Free Radio Provides Workers With Step-by-Step Information to Decertify Unwanted Unions

If one believes in the fundamentals of human liberty, the freedom to associate must also include the freedom to disassociate, states Union Free Radio host.

 With well over 90% of employees in unions today never having voted to unionize, and very few resources available, Union Free Radio's 16th episode is devoted to giving workers information and the basic steps to follow on how to decertify unwanted unions.

"While the vast majority of unionized workers in private-sector never voted to unionize, many workers don't realize that bringing a union into the workplace is much easier than it is to get rid of one," states editor and Union Free Radio host Peter List.

"With employers legally forbidden from helping their employees to decertify unwanted unions, as well as unions and today's pro-union National Labor Relations Board tilted against workers exercising their freedom to decertify unions, there are too few resources available for workers," List explains.

This episode of Union Free Radio is directed to workers themselves, not management, List adds.

In the 30-minute Union Free Radio episode, in addition to providing listeners a step-by-step "how-to" guide to decertify unions, List walks listeners through the various hurdles workers face when trying to decertify an unwanted union, such as the potential for union trials, Election Bars, Contract Bars, as well as so-called "blocking charges" that unions often file to thwart workers from decertification.

"If you say you believe in the Freedom of Association or the right to join a particular organization (like a group, a social club, a political party, or a union), you've also got to believe in its concomitant, which is the Freedom to Disassociate from that organization," List, who is also editor of and CEO of Kulture Consulting, LLC, states. "If you don't, you're nothing more than a hypocrite."

Workers who want to listen to the episode can find it here.


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