La Verkin Apartments - Structure Stabilization

Cracking floors, misaligned doors and separating windows indicated some of the La Verkin Apartment units were suffering from foundation settlement.  Using both driven piles and slab jacking, Ram Jack Utah successfully stabilized the structure and lifted it up to 4.5” for maximum recovery, ensuring its permanent stability.

When foundation problems hit several of the La Verkin Apartments units, the manager wanted to find a one-time, cross-platform solution. Damages ranged from ill-fitting windows to cracked floors and doors that were difficult to use. As the safety and convenience of residents were at stake, Ram Jack Utah was quickly called in.

Ram Jack proposed installing nine driven piles around the foundation’s perimeter to both stabilize and lift the settled building. This plan proved to be ideal, and crews began installing the piles, driving them to an average depth of 37 ft. Slab jacking was also used to raise the slab to fill the void created when it was lifted, which is a specialized, injected material.

In the end, the apartment building was raised up to 4.5” in some places for maximum elevation recovery, large external cracks had been closed, windows and doors worked smoothly again, and the owner was fully satisfied with the work and expressed great excitement.

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