LA Recording Artist Sarah Tromley Prepares to Release Highly Anticipated EP

Pop/R&B songstress mesmerizes with new EP that features catchy melodies and songs that explore a woman's quest for self-discovery and defining identity.

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Indie pop recording artist Sarah Tromley will release her long-awaited EP titled "Higher Than the Hills" on Dec. 4.

This anticipated EP will include her recently released track "Thrills" and highlights her sultry pop sound tinged with elements of R&B. Sarah worked with Grammy-winning engineer Vic Wainstein along with a few industry vets who have mentored her artistry leading up to this deeply emotional 6-song project.

This EP is ripe with tracks that touch on everything from social commentary, exploration of sexuality, to inspired confidence anthems. These coming of age reflections into her personal journey is what fans are going to enjoy. "There is something for everyone in my music. I've had to live through those moments so that the fans can feel that struggle through the tracks," says Sarah.

Her team is planning to roll out creative visuals to follow the EP release along with a virtual concert for fans. Sarah states that "This EP is so special because it's a conversation of me revisiting every stage of my mental and emotional growth since coming on the LA scene." She wants to create content and social engagement that inspire other young women to embrace their multifaceted selves. 

Her beauty and voice moves a generation to feel more connected to their emotions while owning their uniqueness. She lives with an openness and empathy that is all part of her charm. Sarah aspires for her fans to "Love who you want. Create what you want. Be that thing you've always wanted to be. But do it with every beam of light within you."

Tromley hopes to use this release to attract some industry power producers and DJs to work with in the near future. "I always knew my career was destined to be bigger than what a Portland girl could ever imagine. I'm manifesting that I'll be on the radars of Benny Blanco and Kygo to name a few. Fingers crossed."


Sarah Tromley is a Portland, OR native independent pop singer based in Los Angeles. Sarah's current music explores the depths of personal sexuality and layers of relatable vulnerability. An ex G.O.O.D Music intern, Sarah is ready to share her talents with the world in a way that only she knows how to, with passion and authenticity. 

An eclectic old soul influenced by artists such as the late Amy Winehouse, Bon Iver, and music legends like Fleetwood Mac and Earth, Wind & Fire, Sarah has worked with industry professionals responsible for the projects of Frank Ocean, Tyler the Creator and the late Mac Miller. Sarah's arrival is a testament to an artist on the rise.


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