LA Pet Foodies Launching Curated Organic Pet Products From Innovative Health Conscious Bakeries and Farmers Worldwide

LA Pet Foodies, a brand new re-imagining of what it means to be a food and pet supplements store.

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LA Pet Foodies, a brand new re-imagining of what it means to be a food and pet supplements store, has announced that its products are now finally available in the United States. Pet parents can give their furry friends delicious, 100% organic, non-GMO, full-spectrum CBD oil and organic farm-raised meat pet treats.

The full-spectrum CBD for dogs and cats is 100% organic, non-GMO, and flavored using chicken broth. It comes in 300 mg, 900mg, and 1800 mg doses. For horses, it comes in an isolate at 3600 mg and 7200 mg doses. Given the numbers reported by Nielsen that 74% of CBD Buyers own pets, LA Pet Foodies thought it was a clear signal to launch with a set of CBD tinctures as well as pet treats. "It's exciting to be the place where pet owners can find options to support their pet's health as well as find a healthy delicious alternative to mass-market pet treats."

LA Pet Foodies is an independently owned business. Starting in 2020 two pet lovers lost their livelihoods due to COVID-19. Instead of job-hunting, they decided to take a dive as entrepreneurs and start their own pet company focused on

  • Using science to create the safest and most effective pet supplements - like their flagship CBD products for dogs, cats, and horses.
  • Finding the healthiest and yummiest treats from around the world - like their partnership with the Brooklyn-based dog bakery Little Ls and the Wisconsin-based company The Simple Food Project.

"At LA Pet Foodies, we think the phrase eat your own dog food shouldn't stir up images of disgusting mystery meat," said Radostina Peteva Founder & CEO of LA Pet Foodies. "Pet food should be something every pet owner should be excited and happy to give to their furry friends and maybe secretly want to try themselves."

LA Pet Foodies was founded by Radostina Peteva, a former industry executive in Hollywood, and Alexander Carnes, a former Aerospace Engineer.   

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