La Granja Restaurants Provide Healthy Meals for Individuals and Families, Dining, Curbside or Delivery

La Granja serves the most generous portions for individuals and families. Patrons leave satisfied. Individuals and families don't desire to eat fast food day in and day out. They want real Homestyle food instead, but fast! La Granja has the answer, a hearty meal in and out in 15 minutes. La Granja has also just switched to eco friendly containers for Delivery.

La Granja Restaurants provide satisfying lunches and dinners for their patrons. Dine in, Get Curbside, or Delivery through DoorDash and Grubhub

La Granja Restaurants provide a healthy alternative to fast food chains. Many residents of Miami clamor for a healthy protein with light vegetables meal, one with chicken or beef plus vegetables. Those choosing to dine have their choice of chicken, steak, seafood or pork with 2 sides of their preference. Now there are over 50 restaurants in Florida where one can choose to dine in, curbside or order with DoorDash and Grubhub delivery.

La Granja just switched to eco-friendly containers for delivery!

What is on the La Granja Restaurant menu for lunch and dinner?

Here is a Menu of La Granja's dishes:

1/4 Chicken with rice and beans is the complete meal of choice for lunch and dinners. Order 1/4 chicken with black beans and rice or with fried plantains and soda, which starts at only $7.25.

Lomo Saltado is what one would call a "Peruvian Beef Stir Fry". This tasty Beef platter comes with white rice and french fries. It's delicious. Lomo Saltado is satisfying beef stir fry seasoned with salt and pepper with made up of garlic, tomatoes, yellow pepper, onions, vinegar, and a mix of soy sauce at the end to top it off.

1/2 Pound Steak with onions comes with black beans white rice. Enjoy a 1/2 pound steak with the different sauces provided at La Granja.

La Granja Bowl is a favorite of lunches and dinners. One can pick beef, chicken, or shrimp. It's fresh, delicious, and made to order, with their amazing Signature Latin flavor.

Boneless Chicken Breast is a gigantic piece of chicken with yellow rice and plantains with a big container of black beans. The Boneless Breast Special is only $10.25. Plantains with crispy ends stay firm and not mushy, until they hit the mouth and melt. Inquire about chicken sandwich meals!

"Churrasco with onions is the bomb. I love this place. The portions are generous here! My wife orders, and I get to eat half of her plate. It's a satisfying dinner."

Orestes M.


Feel like seafood? People can choose Criollo Fish with 2 side orders, or Criollo Fish w/ Shrimps. They can choose Fish in Spicy Sauce with Shrimp or Garlic Fish with Shrimp. Seafood platters can be paired with yuca, tostones, white rice, black beans or french fries.

Other Specialties include seafood rice, macho fish, seafood fried rice, fried fish chunks, or fried calamari. Go to

Desserts: Choose between Flan, Pionono, Alfajores, Ice Cream, or Tres Leches!

Clean and Safe: Due to the pandemic, La Granja Restaurants are taking all precautions to ensure safety, constantly sanitizing tables, encouraging employees to wash their hands and maintaining spacious seating.

Que Buen Sabor!!

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La Granja Restaurants have been recognized as the best family Peruvian restaurant in Florida with the most delicious chicken, steak, and seafood dishes at affordable prices. Experience a home style, freshly cooked meal for lunch or dinner.

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