La Granja Restaurant Re-Opens in Hialeah, Providing the Most Delicious Peruvian Food Family Style to Hialeah Residents

​La Granja Restaurant reopens Tuesday, due to the high demand for delicious Peruvian food in the community. The restaurant closed in August 2018 due to a kitchen fire. Much hard work was put into the re-opening of the restaurant to meet Hialeah's demand for delicious Latin American fare, and La Granja Hialeah welcomes all residents to come by and enjoy.

Come to the re-opening of La Granja Hialeah at W 49th St. and 12th Ave.

La Granja Hialeah opens today with much fanfare. In August of 2018, it, unfortunately, had to close down due to a kitchen fire. After much hard work and demand from Hialeah residents, La Granja Hialeah is reopening to the community.

Come by for Lunch at La Granja HialeahQuarter Lunch Special for only $4.95, now for a limited time at the re-opened Hialeah location, and 1/4 Chicken with rice and beans, "congris." La Granja Hialeah is located on W 49th St. and W 12th Avenue in Hialeah. Call 305-556-2003 for more information. 

At La Granja Hialeah, delectable platters are served with sides that are a step above the rest. Family platters are available to make dinner quick and hearty and at an affordable price.

When ordering, customers can choose from a wide variety of platters and side options. Each platter comes with a sizable portion of meat and two or more sides. Dishes are seasoned to perfection and paired with perfect additions, of which arroz, frijoles and fried plantains are most popular. One patron advises first-time visitors to choose the grilled chicken plate with yellow rice, black beans and plantains, while another notes that, no matter what she has ordered from the sizable menu, she hasn’t been disappointed.

History of La Granja: La Granja opened its first South Florida location in Margate in 1993.  Serving Peruvian cuisine praised by locals, La Granja has become a favorite place in Miami for many to grab a quick lunch or a family dinner. Regular customers note their love affair with the 1/4 Chicken meal as a reason for their constant return. Those choosing to dine at La Granja have their choice of chicken, steak, seafood or pork with two sides of their preference. 

La Granja Hialeah serves Peruvian dishes with big portions and authentic flavors. Inquire about their new mouthwatering La Granja Bowls, where one can choose between chicken, pork, beef, shrimp or vegetables. La Granja Bowls are served all day, every day.

Providing patrons with scrumptious Peruvian dishes holds true to the roots of the original La Granja. First serving customers in Aruba, the local restaurant expanded to South Florida just two years later. Known for their perfect mix of flavor and convenience, La Granja has served up must-have cuisine to locals for over 20 years. According to one customer, “the Arroz con Mariscos is simply delicious.”

Enjoy Homemade Chicken, Steak, or Seafood meals at a low price and 1/4 Chicken, 1/2 lb Grilled Steak and Boneless Breast for very economical prices. La Granja offers local favorite, the Boneless Breast Special, starting at $9.95 to residents in Hialeah.

Winner of “The Best Peruvian Restaurant of the Year” award, La Granja is proud to serve South Florida with affordable comida that’s both appetizing and worth the money. Customers enjoy large portions that are just as big on flavor. Savory platters adorn the menu next to an assortment of fajitas and sandwiches, making La Granja Hialeah a perfect choice for a fast lunch.

For a Peruvian meal to remember, enjoy the re-opened restaurant La Granja Hialeah.

Visit La Granja Hialeah at 4975 W 12th Ave. Hialeah, FL 33012. Taste authentic Peruvian cuisine at an affordable price. For more information, call 305-556-2003.

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