LA Artist Finds New Educational Outlet for His Talents

Eddie Zaratsian is showcasing his artistic floral talents in his newly released YouTube tutorial videos.

Eddie Zaratsian

Luxury floral arrangements can now be made uniquely in your home with credit to the debut of artist Eddie Zaratsian Lifestyle and Design’s YouTube channel equipped with tutorial videos. Zaratsian’s YouTube channel releases a new video every Monday and Thursday.

Each video is a tutorial of Zaratsian creating unique floral arrangements. At the end of each video a breakdown of all the supplies needed to create the arrangement is given, preceded by the instructions explaining how to craft each unique arrangement. Having launched only this season, Zaratsian’s videos have over to 14,000 views. 

Zaratsian’s arrangements can be seen throughout Southern California luxury hotels and events and now viewed from anywhere in the world through his YouTube channel. He is a celebrity florist that is passionate about artistic design education and showcases his talents virtually though his 18 YouTube tutorials that he has posted to date.

Aside from his newly released videos, Zaratsian also owns floral production company, Tic-Tock Couture Florals. Zaratsian exclusively trained each member of his talented team, has instilled in them his renowned techniques, and shares his expertise with each one of them. His passion for creative education is originated in this.

Zaratsian is accredited with having over two decades of industry experience and was named one of the Top 5 International Florists by The London Financial Times. Targeting to stimulate all five senses of the body, Zaratsian trademarks himself as being fluent in the many languages of design. He strives to perfect the detail in each event, whether it is a large-scale installation or an individual petal, Zaratsian’s concept is customization.

Other than owning Tic-Tock Couture Florals and releasing semiweekly tutorial videos, Zaratsian is also a creative consultant and collaborates on brand partnerships. In his tutorial videos, Zaratsian demonstrates how to make tabletop, seasonal, and holiday floral arrangements. When he’s not filming tutorial videos, Zaratsian’s services include event design, brand partnerships, speaking engagements, and consulting. On his website, seasonal floral subscriptions and his coffee table book can be purchased. His extensive experience, signature pieces, and unique work drives attention to his YouTube channel and floral production company.

For more information about Eddie Zaratsian’s work and new YouTube channel, email, call (310) 508-6126, visit, or visit Eddie Zaratsian Lifestyle and Design on YouTube.

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