L6 Elite™ launches an exciting new feature, regression analysis

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L6 Elite™ is pleased to announce a new component to their existing software, the regression analysis feature. This exciting new component supports the ‘analyze’ phase of the five-step DMAIC process, which allows for process optimization and defect elimination. The regression analysis feature provides a useful tool to maximize the benefits of the analysis phase for managing Lean Six Sigma projects. Users can now input their data and with one click, can perform calculations to make predictions and measure the alignment of expected results.

L6 Elite™ is a comprehensive Software as a Service (SaaS) implementation and management solution, which makes it a user-friendly option for managing Lean Six Sigma projects. “We take pride in offering an intuitive solution to process improvement champions,” says CEO Bre Wallace. L6 Elite™ provides a differentiated and competitive SaaS offering for users to administer, manage, and track Lean Six Sigma projects and processes. L6 Elite™ ensures that there is no need to download, install, or maintain software. The cloud-based software solution can be accessed by all users regardless of physical location.

L6 Elite™ can be used in most industries ranging from Healthcare, Service, Manufacturing, Government and many others. With a step by step guided interface, creating and managing projects is simple enough that users with a limited Lean Six Sigma background can easily navigate the system. With data automation, using L6 Elite™ provides quick and easy access to real-time project information.

For more information visit https://l6elite.com

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