Kyros Elevates Financial Compliance With Public Launch of Advanced AML Compliance Dashboard

After a meticulous phase of closed beta testing, the RegTech startup Kyros International OÜ announces the much-anticipated public launch of its AML Compliance Dashboard.

Kyros Elevates Financial Compliance with Public Launch of Advanced AML Compliance Dashboard

Kyros International OÜ, an innovative leader in cloud-based KYC and AML dashboard solutions, today announces the public release of its state-of-the-art AML Compliance Dashboard. After an extensive period of closed beta testing, the dashboard is now available to the general public. With the ability to support over 200 countries, Kyros epitomizes the next generation of AML compliance programs, developed for a myriad of financial institutions, including banks, EMIs, cryptocurrency exchanges, casinos, brokers, funds, auction houses, real estate agents, and lawyers.

Kyros serves as the unequivocal platform offering a single source of truth for an organization’s entire value chain of AML operations, integrating effortlessly with standard back offices. It offers unparalleled utility in onboarding and monitoring customers, providing features like PEP and sanction checks, KYC verification and authentication, advanced transaction monitoring, and automatic STR/SAR reporting, negating the requirement for additional systems.

Operational Insight

The newly released Kyros AML dashboard is an invaluable asset for operational AML compliance teams, providing an extensive overview of AML operations. It presents high-level metrics, including total users, average risk score, users per risk category (low, medium, high, intolerable), transaction volume, and current alerts, giving comprehensive insights and aiding in strategic decision-making processes.

Kyros integrates seamlessly with existing websites, back offices, or CRM systems, enriching basic user information and transaction logs with detailed data from premium third-party sources. The AI analyzes the enriched data, providing automatic risk scoring, live transaction monitoring, advanced alert rules, comprehensive monitoring, and logging, thus facilitating automatic in-depth reporting and seamless data exchange.

Key features include:

  • ID authentication and verification for KYC/KYB
  • Embeddable self-declaration onboarding form
  • Alerts based on user behavior and transaction data
  • Automatic risk scoring with custom risk factors
  • Advanced transaction monitoring
  • PEP and sanction lists scanning for 200+ countries
  • Dozens of data sources to enrich first-party data
  • Automatic SAR / STR report generation
  • Trigger Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) with built-in EU e-ID support
  • Integrated case management tool with auditor-friendly log
  • API webhooks for easy data exchange between systems
  • GDPR-compliant EU data processing

Dedicated to Unparalleled Compliance Experiences

The essentiality of robust AML compliance is highlighted by recent substantial fines on notable banks and financial institutions. AML compliance is paramount for maintaining financial integrity and stability in the global market, preventing money laundering, financial fraud, and shielding institutions from substantial legal, financial, and reputational risks. Non-compliance can lead to eroded institutional credibility and significant repercussions. 

Given the increasing instances of financial malfeasance, the launch of Kyros’s AML Compliance Dashboard is a timely response. David Andersen, Chief Marketing Officer at Kyros International OÜ, is excited about the launch: 

“The Kyros AML Dashboard is a groundbreaking addition to the realm of compliance management. It symbolizes an amalgamation of innovation and meticulous monitoring, ensuring that organizations are well-guarded against financial discrepancies. Our endeavor is to deliver an inclusive, user-friendly, and insightful solution, providing unparalleled compliance experiences across diverse financial sectors.”

The AML Compliance Dashboard, after a successful closed beta phase, is now available to the general public as an integral component of the Kyros AML Suite.

Source: Kyros

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