Kyle Sherwood Wins Arizona Young Entrepreneur Award

Kyle Sherwood, an audacious, young CEO wins Arizona's Young Entrepreneur Award attributable to numerous marketing & branding initiatives.

It's only been a few years since Kyle Sherwood graduated from Ironwood, but the former captain of the Eagles' basketball team has certainly done a lot since he got his diploma in 2008. Sherwood was recently awarded the title Arizona's Youngest Entrepreneur by the Arizona Small Business Association, a title he definitely has earned, and in fact he started working towards even before he graduated.

When Kyle was just sixteen years old, he started his first company, Dub Electronics. Dub was an online ecommerce store that sold everything from HDMI cables to plasma televisions, and after seeing his business revenue more than double in just his first month, Kyle knew he was on to something. He took a position as an enrollment advisor for the University of Phoenix, spending his morning in that role while still learning and spending his time studying marketing strategies and business operations. Remarkably, he ended up providing consulting services about online marketing strategies and fundraising to local businesses, and is currently doing the same for over fifteen different companies, helping each to double their annual revenue.

Though most of his energy is devoted to his online marketing and SEO company,, Kyle is also Chief Technology Officer and Vice President of several other companies, including his latest challenge, the real estate market. In one of his companies,, he has assembled a team of experts to help and advise homeowners who are struggling with staying in their houses in the midst of the financial housing crisis. The business offers the rewards of saving people money and helping them make the right decision in the midst of difficult circumstances.

At just twenty-two years old, Kyle has accomplished a lot and obviously has a bright future ahead of him. Having provided valuable business strategies to companies ranging from biotech to real estate has just fed his drive. "Business has always been a passion of mine, ever since I was a little kid I wanted to be the next big Tech CEO. It's about the battles and hurdles that we as a team face, overcome and continue to push forward." Kyle can serve as a great role model to other aspiring young entrepreneurs. In his free time he still loves sports and the outdoors, and spends as much time as he can with his girlfriend Jenny Anderson, who he has been with for over five years now.


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