Kut Kwick Introduces the SlopeMaster SM-T4RC Manned/Remote-controlled Slope Mower

In yet another example of industry-breaking innovation, Kut Kwick has officially introduced the SlopeMaster SM-T4RC Manned/Remote-controlled slope mower. This addition to the Kut Kwick fleet offers the efficiency of manned operation with the added capability of remote-controlled operation to tackle tougher terrain.

Kut Kwick has done it again, launching the all-new SlopeMaster SM-T4RC manned/remote-controlled slope mower. With safety, efficiency, and flexibility in mind, Kut Kwick's new SM-T4RC keeps all the specifications of the SM-T4E, but adds a few new features, including a newly designed wheel style that lowers the mower's center of gravity, increasing stability on slopes in Manned Mode, and even more so when in Remote Mode.

The SM-T4RC is certified to transversely mow on steep slopes up to 40°. The remote control has a range of 125 yards (est.), and comes with two batteries and a portable charging station so you can use one while charging the other. Paired with the standard dual fuel tanks, the SM-T4RC is ready to mow all day long on a single full fuel load in some of the toughest conditions. For more information, to preorder your SM-T4RC, or to schedule a demo, contact Steve Johnson at 800-248-5945.

Source: Kut Kwick Corporation