Kukun's White-Label App Connects Lenders With Quality Leads for Home Improvement Loans

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​​Kukun, the data-driven home improvement platform that empowers users to make informed decisions on remodeling projects, announced today the launch of Kukun for Lenders, a white-label version of their digital application. Lending institutions can now embed a branded version Kukun's tools within their digital eco-systems.

The white-label app allows Lenders to provide customers with:

  • Estimates of Project Costs – Powered by the largest normalized and intelligent data warehouse related to residential homes in the US, Kukun derives personalized estimates of project costs, specific to zip code, project type and scope; inclusive of both labor and materials.
  • Return on Investment Calculations – Customers calculate the impact of their project on the value of their home and estimate how much they stand to recoup.
  •  Access to Qualified Contractors – Provides customers with verified background information on qualified local contractors, including location, type and scope of prior projects completed in the customer’s neighborhood, and sentiment analysis of online reviews.
  •  Access to Financing – Customers learn about all financing options available and easily apply for a loan without leaving a lender’s digital ecosystem.

Implementing Kukun for Lenders allows financial institutions to:

  • Identify existing and potential customers whose goal is to remodel.
  • Measure intent early in the process.
  • Engage with high-quality leads for home improvement loans.
  • Tailor solutions to customers’ specific goals and projects.
  • Personalize customer experiences with relevant content, tools & analytics.

“Kukun’s white-label digital solutions help Lenders quickly identify customers whose goal is home improvement,” said Raf Howery, CEO and Founder of Kukun. “The loan process is a crucial step for homeowners to achieve their remodeling goals. Our white-label solution encourages homeowners to take on their desired projects while providing better experiences and outcomes for homeowners and lenders. Partnering with lenders makes the home improvement process easy and painless.”

“Lenders are primarily concerned with three things when it comes to existing or potential customers; insight, timing, and access,” said Devin Haran, President and COO at Kukun. “They need to know their customers’ goals as early as possible to engage with them in a timely fashion and offer targeted solutions. Lenders also need to engage in an optimal manner, which means digitally and via mobile.”

About Kukun:
Kukun is the single destination for home transformation. Our digital data-driven solutions empower homeowners to make informed decisions regarding home-related spending. We offer tools, content, and analytics powered by our proprietary data warehouse, as well as the ability to find reputable contractors and lenders.

Kukun’s solutions are available on a white-label basis via trusted partners such as Chase and SoFi. Kukun partners with top-tier providers in the lending, insurance, retail, real estate and wealth management sectors in order to connect homeowners with all of the services they’ll need during the life cycle of homeownership. Find us on Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.

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