Kukun Launches iHomeReport, the First Product in iHome Product Series

iHomeReport Helps Home Buyers Make Smarter Choices When Purchasing Properties

iHomeReport Preview

Kukun, the leading originator of property data and predictive analytics, debuts its iHome product series with the iHomeReport, a first-of-its-kind property report that provides financial and community intelligence for homebuyers. The consumer-friendly iHomeReport will help home buyers and iBuyers make more investment-savvy buying decisions. 

The iHome Report features the Kukun Investment Outlook Score (KIO), a key indicator of future home growth. Kukun's proprietary database of home condition and predictive valuation analytics creates highly accurate growth forecasts over a five-year horizon. The KIO score is based on zip code and a home price appreciation forecast that leverages a combination of past home price behavior, local and regional investment activity, and regional economic conditions. It is the most targeted residential forecast available today and represents a breakthrough for home buyers who want to make an informed investment decision. 

"I am thrilled to be bringing the iHomeReport product to market as a way of helping iBuyers make their smarter purchasing decisions," says Raf Howery, CEO and founder of Kukun. "We are bringing knowledge and insight to the home buying and investing experience.

There is a trend in the housing market toward iBuyers - those people who either buy sight-unseen or do almost all their research online before buying a home. Kukun's iHomeReport is a valuable resource to give these people the most comprehensive aggregation of investment and community-oriented information they need to make a purchase decision. Anyone can become an iBuyer by comparing houses in different neighborhoods and selecting the areas that have the community lifestyle they want and the house with the most profit potential. The iHomeReport provides homebuyers and real estate investors the clarity and confidence to buy with certainty. 

Key Features of the iHomeReport include: 

  • Investment Intelligence
    • How much the value of the house & town will grow in the next five years
    • The remodeling projects that will make you money
    • Property details, past construction permits, and past contractors who worked on the house
  • Community Intelligence
    • Maps with relative distances to parks, trails, clubs, community, town center, and hospitals in the neighborhood 
    • The nearest schools mapped with walking and bike times, and school ratings. 
    • Show recent sales in the neighborhood, and community safety information

The iHomeReport helps people live elegantly while growing wealthy through smart investment decisions. Find the iHomeReport here: https:/mykukun.com/home-report  

About Kukun: 
Kukun is the leading originator of property data and predictive analytics, enabling homeowners to buy better, remodel smarter, and maintain easier. Kukun's products help consumers, realtors, and real estate investors make forward-thinking financial decisions to generate wealth. The Company provides solutions that illustrate which communities are likely to see the most price appreciation, show how to make a profit on home renovations, enable easy estimates for the cost of any renovation, and include all information a home buyer and homeowner need to optimize their home experience. Kukun's data and analytics products also serve leading companies in the investment, real estate, construction, and banking industries. Kukun is the only real estate renovation engine that is used on the websites of a majority of the largest banks across America. Visit https://mykukun.com/ to learn more. 

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