Kryptolights' New Tech Called the 'Kryptonite to Pathogens' Aims to Help Protect Businesses, At-Risk Populations

Phoenix company asks people to Join the Fight with Light

G.A.L Light

Kryptolights has announced the launch of commercial and residential products utilizing revolutionary Far-UV (ultraviolet) technology. Discovered six years ago by Columbia University scientists, this spectrum of light has been in the news as of late as scientists continually prove* its safety in the presence of humans.

"We believe this technology will be vital to helping businesses and at-risk populations," explains Kryptolights Co-Founder Shey Godoy. "We utilize both a newly recognized range of UV and a new solid-state technology to produce a game-changing tool in the fight against germs, both in this pandemic and beyond."

A New Kind of UV Light

The COVID-19 pandemic spurred the highly-specialized UV market into action to find a practical solution to a new global problem devastating communities worldwide. The range of UV light, known commonly as Far-UVC, can kill or deactivate pathogens, including coronaviruses, and recent scientific studies have found that its short wavelength of 230 nanometers or less does not penetrate living cells making it safe for day to day use.

"Previous UV lights were difficult or potentially dangerous to operate, preventing the technology from making a difference in situations where people were actively present," continued Godoy. "They emitted higher ranges of UV in addition to Far-UV, which had to be filtered out for safety. Older technology also utilized potentially dangerous caustic gases. What makes ShortWaveLight™ revolutionary is that it neutralizes coronavirus and other pathogens with pure Far-UV disinfecting light, while utilizing solid-state technology to remove caustic gases and other problematic variables from the equation."

The company is currently rolling out a suite of products meant to seamlessly integrate into people's businesses and lives under their UltraClean™ UV brand. They are calling on the community to spread the word about this new technology and join the fight against deadly pathogens.

About Kryptolights

Kryptolights is spearheading the advance of Far UVC technology into daily life. Utilizing expertise in spectrum-specific lighting and product brand UltraClean™ UV, germicidal lighting is coming to the residential and commercial marketplaces through products such as the G.A.L.™ Light, UltraClean Light, and the Kryptolight Saber™.


Source: Kryptolights