Krishen Iyer's MAIS Consulting Secures Financing for New Venture

Krishen Iyer Ventures into Affordable Care Act


MAIS Insurance & Consulting, a new technology-based health insurance agency and ACA TPA focused on serving the Affordable Care Act, announced its launch of a first round of funding 10 weeks ago. MAIS received its first capital commitment led by its founder and co-investor Krishen Iyer. MAIS is set to help tens of thousands of people gain access to low-cost insurance in 23 states through the Affordable Care Act, or ACA. MAIS and its distribution look to be industry an leader and gain market share for navigation, enrollment and placement in the Affordable Care Act over the next 12 months. Through technology, marketing, distribution and contracting, MAIS is quickly becoming the fastest-growing company in this segment. MAIS is actively looking for its second round of funding to support its continued growth.

Source: MAIS Consulting

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About MAIS consulting

MAIS Consulting provides all four pillars needed to operate a successful insurance agency.

Contracting -With over 20 years of Insurance Contracting, Marketing, and Distribution. MAIS will strive to help you obtain optimal success.
Marketing-With a small team of Insurance and Marketing experts MAIS will set you up with the tools required for success. Your success is our success . Its personal!
Distribution-Our goal is to make your company thrive in the health insurance industry. We work in partnership with you to build success. If you don't profit, neither do we!
Technology-Technology is the backbone to many companies today. And for MAIS it is no different. Using the right technology to manage and automate tasks within the insurance industry is crucial to success.

MAIS is a one stop shop where all of the insurance contracting and technology is available to create success.

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