Kris J. Roberts' New Book 'The Winning Numbers, A Novel' Is a fascinating look at the complexity of interracial relationships, wealth disparity, and putting family first

Fulton Books author Kris J. Roberts, an experienced photographer with a love of writing, has completed his most recent book "The Winning Numbers, A Novel: A Sizzling Sultry, Heartwarming, Suspenseful, Murderous Love Story that Deals with Racial Strife and the Joy and Pain of Winning $400,000,000": a gripping and potent saga about reevaluating goals and adjusting to life's epic highs and lows.

Roberts describes his novel as "a story not just about winning the lottery, but so much more. Sex, drama, humor, and intrigue, You'll be on the edge of your seat reading this book… full of twists and turns and with a shocking murder."

Published by Fulton Books, Kris J. Roberts' book chronicles the life of Torey Jackson, an aspiring model and fashion designer. Growing up in an impoverished neighborhood in Seattle, Torey must navigate high school while also working towards her big dreams. She is forced to revise her life plans when she starts a family with her boyfriend and star quarterback, Noah, at a very young age.

Life doesn't always go as planned, and "The Winning Numbers" takes readers on a journey through infidelity, family tragedy, murder, and of course, winning the lottery. The epic twists and turns are sure to captivate, while the author's own photographs and illustrations immerse readers into the world of Torey Jackson from childhood to adulthood.

Readers who wish to experience this riveting work can purchase "The Winning Numbers, A Novel: A Sizzling Sultry, Heartwarming, Suspenseful, Murderous Love Story that Deals with Racial Strife and the Joy and Pain of Winning $400,000,000" online at the Apple iTunes store, Amazon, Google Play, or Barnes and Noble.

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"Roberts debuts with an interracial love story that follows the adventurous life of an aspiring model-turned-wife and mother of twins. Torey Jackson is a tall, beautiful Black girl growing up in an impoverished urban neighborhood in Seattle with her loving, dedicated single mother, Carol. She dreams of becoming a famous model and fashion designer, but she first must get through the realistically portrayed mean-girl melodrama of high school with her best friend, Shorty, and her White star-quarterback boyfriend, Noah Kirkland, who captures her heart despite their personal and familial differences. While Torey comes from a poor childhood of struggle and dysfunction, Noah is the son of a billionaire aeronautics entrepreneur. The love-struck Torey and Noah quickly marry and raise their family in a big house in Seattle. But complications ensue in the form of Noah's marital indiscretions and corporate machinations along with a football tragedy involving a son. The author inexplicably saves a life-altering Deus ex machina for the final pages, which snaps the story to a sudden close and sets the scene for further adventures. Roberts invests the story with good pacing and crisp characterizations as he creatively and entertainingly deals with the challenges of interracial relationships and wealth disparities in a marriage. The chapter headings incorporate the author's illustrations, which add a unique zest and color to each section. Despite the far-too-hasty conclusion of the book, Roberts' enthusiasm is obvious, and the opening pages hook readers, who will be eager to discover what will become of Torey and Noah and whether their love can last. What resonates most over the course of the book is its focus on realizing dreams and making the most (and the best) of any situation."

-Kirkus Reviews Verdict "Get It"

Source: Fulton Books