Krav Maga Experts Thrilled to Report High Enrollment for Self Defense in New York City

Krav Maga Experts, a top Krav Maga training and class facility in New York City excitedly reports a high level of enrollment for self-defense in New York.  Studies in New York and beyond report that both children and adults are enrolling in self-defense courses more commonly than ever before, particularly Krav Maga NYC.  One main reason that parents report increased enrollment for their children is that it promotes a healthy lifestyle, builds confidence and skill, and is a fun way to make new friends.  Not surprisingly, adults report similar motives for enrolling in Krav Maga.

What Krav Maga Experts do, is simply in the name, and it has the potential to not only change the world around us but also an individual's physical and mental health. The professional self-defense trainers teach their students the hand-to-hand combat system developed by the Israeli Defense Force.  This system emphasizes natural instinct and simple techniques that have been proven over time to be life-saving. Krav Maga is geared to enhance the mental and physical strength of men, women and children. The end result is a more powerful and confident person able to see the world from a different perspective.  

According to the owner, Tsahi Shemesh, “We are ecstatic to see how dramatically enrollment in our Krav Maga courses has increased, especially in our children’s classes  We know parents have many options for after school or weekend activities. We believe that Krav Maga is beneficial for children (as well as adults) and that it promotes positive behavior, positive thinking and physical well-being. We make sure our child students are safe and have fun, while learning and growing. It is a wonderful experience to see a child smile and love having fun at Krav Maga.”

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Source: Krav Maga Experts


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