Kratos Gas and Power Sponsors Take-Home Lunch Program for Local Elementary

Local energy company launches new company charity initiative, with donation to local school.

Kratos Cares partners with Snappy Sacks

​​​​​​Kratos Gas & Power is a natural gas company servicing the state of Georgia. Kratos has a commitment to the community and to their customers, delivering excellent customer service to homes across the state. Beyond building a business in Georgia, funding responsible charities is one of Kratos’s core values. DeKalb County Schools, located in Decatur, GA., unfortunately have been in the news several times in the previous months. Still rebuilding after Hurricane Michael, the school district has been plagued by heating problems and structural damage. This past winter, several classrooms went without heat. These stories caught the eye of Kratos’s Social Media Coordinator, Olivia Wu. Through research and plenty of e-mails, Olivia connected with Dr. Linda Crowley, Regional Coordinator for DeKalb County Schools, who then became a valuable liaison between Kratos and DeKalb. Dr. Crowley offered their ‘Snappy Sacks’ program, a meals-to-go system that feeds children over the weekend and closes the gap between Friday to Monday for some struggling families, as a way for Kratos to help the community it serves. Kratos Gas & Power responded with an enthusiastic “Yes!” offering to sponsor the program through the rest of the school year.

Inspired by this partnership, Kratos Gas & Power created Kratos Cares: a corporate social action initiative designed to put a real investment back into the community where its customers reside with not only money but also time. Kratos hopes to continue their relationship by providing coats for children of Snapfinger Elementary later in the year and potentially donating a portion of their proceeds from local area sign ups for natural gas.

Kratos Gas & Power has been a member of the Georgia natural gas community for six years, giving great quality gas at a highly competitive rate. Staffed with experts in the field of natural gas bidding, they are able to consistently give their customers one of the lowest variable rates on the market today. Tom Williams, President of United Energy Trading, Kratos’s parent company, explains their excitement for the new program. “Kratos Cares is a passion project for our company. We have been growing in the great state of Georgia for the past six years and we are excited to give back to the communities we service. In the upcoming months, we will be working to support more local initiatives, schools, and charities.”  Kratos is invested in the future of their company and the well-being of Georgia. To learn more about Kratos Cares and how you can get involved, visit our site.

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