Koyo Machinery Offers Machine Rebuild and Spindle Rebuild In-House to Their Customers

Koyo Machinery has recently expanded their machine rebuild department offering their expert machine rebuild and spindle rebuild services in-house.

Whether an improvement of part quality is needed, a machine needs fine tuning, the need to enhance ease of operation, grind a new part, or make a machine like new again–Koyo Machinery can help. Some of the various levels of grinding machine rebuild services they offer are retooling, overhauling, retrofitting and remanufacturing.

When a machine is remanufactured, it’s essentially a combination of overhauling, retooling and retrofitting and rebuilding the machine back to Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) specifications and certifying the machine’s static accuracies. Now, you can get the spindle and machine rebuild services conveniently all under one roof.

Bringing spindle and machine rebuild services in-house greatly benefits customers needing rebuilding services. As a certified and trained OEM rebuilder, Koyo Machinery obtains all original spindle and machine information. This enables the company to rebuild the original spindle and machines to the correct preload and dimensional specifications for precision and accuracy.

“We have brought both services, Machine Rebuild and Spindle Rebuild in-house here at Koyo Machinery to offer our North American customers the convenience of having a local source that can provide OEM expertise,” said Chris Clark, General Manager of Koyo Machinery.

Customers can expect a normal turnaround of 1-2 weeks for a standard spindle rebuild. However, a non-typical rebuild of a spindle that needs work to the shaft or bearing caps and/or races, although rare, could triple the time depending on the spindle condition. Koyo Machinery Service Manager Justin Helterbran explains, “If there is scheduled down time of a machine and spindle is 7+ years old and never been rebuilt, it would be a good idea to go ahead and rebuild it during the downtime.”

Over the last ten years, capital equipment expenditures in remanufacturing have been showing a growing trend–and for a good reason. Remanufacturing an existing grinding machine can offer a significant reduction in lead time and cost, compared to a new machine purchase.

Koyo Machinery’s rebuild services offer customers the distinct advantage of having factory-trained service engineers perform the work on the machines, plus Koyo has access to all of the grinding machine’s original documents and information. With their remanufacturing services, their service engineers can restore grinding machines to the original factory specifications and certify static accuracies. The remanufactured machine is warrantied for a full year after the service is performed.

“Koyo can get your spindle back to factory tolerance.  Our service engineers are sent overseas to our factory where they are trained to rebuild the spindles to their original preload and dimensional specifications,” said Clark.

About Koyo: 

Koyo Machinery U.S.A., Inc. ("Koyo Machinery") is a Michigan corporation that was incorporated on December 4, 1991. It is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Koyo Machine Industries Co., Ltd. Koyo Machinery provides manufacturing products including grinding machines to its customers, which include Automotive, Heavy Equipment, Aerospace, Medical, IT, and other manufacturing industries. In addition to the noted products, Koyo Machinery furnishes engineering expertise to its customers.

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