KORXX Cork Toys Launches Successful at Kickstarter

KORXX has successfully launched its crowdfunding campaign at Kickstarter. KORXX is the toy brand from the PLES GmbH for toys that are made out of natural cork. The funding will enable further development of the products and the company.

The material cork finds many applications, but Patricia Kuch (CEO PLES GmbH) uses this natural material to produce high-quality toys.

Link Kickstarter:       http://kck.st/1bTxOsk

The building blocks have incredible construction characteristics that stimulate the imagination of every child and astonish adults. As a mother and entrepreneur, Patricia sets her focus on healthy and age-appropriate child development, but also on renewable raw materials and sustainability.

KORXX therefore is focusing on the quality design of their products. They have been awarded in 2015 with a Silver Design Award for their Set Brickle. Brickle is a set of mini building blocks that can be used on the go or just to play on tables.

In addition the company have been awarded with the international golden Award from Practical Preschool

In Patricia Kuch’s opinion, our world needs curious people, who self-confidently approach new things with tolerance and creativity. Parents therefore receive the possibility to provide an age appropriate playing environment with KORXX.

A good design can generate a good learning atmosphere to support the child’s development and minimalistic designs stimulate the ability to abstract.

KORXX does not use ordinary industry cork. Through particularly developed processes, the raw material is turned into special KORXX eco toy cork. These products are durable, recyclable and have been tested in accordance to toy safety regulations. The tests proved the physical stability of each product and ensured that they are free of detectable toxins, heavy metals and aromas.

Link Kickstarter:       http://kck.st/1bTxOsk

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About PLES GmbH

The production of natural and educational toys that are made in Germany/EU, is the core of the PLES GmbH. With the brand KORXX, the PLES GmbH is offering toys that are made out of natural, granulated cork. In the year 2011 KORXX has been invented.

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