KoreConX With Its All-in-One Platform Provides Infrastructure to Medical Funding Professionals

KoreConX's partnership leads a transformation for Life Sciences, Healthcare, Biotech, Medtech and Pharma businesses for capital raising


 With technology provided by KoreConX, an all-in-one platform, our KorePartners started a transformation for Life Sciences companies that are seeking to raise their capital. With this partnership, companies and entrepreneurs from this sector will benefit from the expertise of KoreConX - which started a movement to empower companies through technology - jointly with a registered investment advisor, with a strong background in Life Sciences.

Oscar A. Jofre, Co-founder and CEO of KoreConX, reinforces the importance of an innovative and trustworthy resource for companies at this stage: "With our complete end-to-end RegA+ solution, companies raising capital can manage the full life cycle of this type of offering. Our platform provides control from the decision through the offering and also provides shareholder management, monetization of investments and other features like compliance requirements."

To complement all the solutions that KoreConX offers, the ecosystem includes KorePartners with expertise in fields related to RegA+ including securities lawyers, FINRA broker-dealers, auditors, escrow, SEC-registered transfer agents, and investor acquisition firms.

Medical Funding Professionals has built a value-added offering around Regulation A+ fundraising they call the Capital Planning Valuation StrategyTM (CPVS). The purpose of the CPVS approach, beyond a successful RegA+ raise, is to help companies develop a strategic plan for their long-term capital needs that protects the interests of the founders and other early investors, as these capital-intensive businesses go through R&D, clinical trials, FDA approval, and go-to-market execution.

This process uses company-provided information to develop a custom, proposed pro forma presentation for all the Reg A+ offerings. With this expertise, the presentation establishes a powerful, forward-looking foundation for implementing a company's capital funding strategies.

Life Science Intelligence and InvestAcq also joined KoreConX and Medical Funding Professionals to deliver the CPVS to life science verticals—medtech, biotech, and pharma. This partnership will allow capital raising with full support from experts. 

Stephen Brock, CEO of Medical Funding Professionals, is a registered investment advisor with over 22 years of experience in the financial sector, including private placements, public capital markets, and regulatory compliance. Stephen highlights the importance of a partnership with KoreConX and how it changes the sector: "One of the major trends in the financial world right now is impact investing. Life science—medtech, biotech, and pharma—is the ultimate impact investment. These companies are saving lives and limbs and brains—saving quality of life, as well. That's why we do what we do—to help get these technologies to patients."

In November 2020, SEC Commissioner, Jay Clayton announced an amendment to two regulations that permit investors' extended access to the funding of start-ups, emerging growth companies and other affinity-based projects online. This decision affects RegA+ companies by increasing the new limit to raise capital up to $75M USD. Amendments went live in March this year and all the issuers can use this exemption to raise larger sums of capital for their businesses.

About KoreConX

Founded in 2016, KoreConX is the first secure, All-In-One platform that manages private companies' capital market activity and stakeholder communications. With an innovative approach and to ensure compliance with securities regulations and corporate law, KoreConX offers a single environment to connect companies to the capital markets and now secondary markets. Additionally, investors, broker-dealers, law firms, accountants and investor acquisition firms, all leverage our eco-system solution. For investor relations and fundraising, the platform enables private companies to share and manage corporate records and investments.

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