Koop Insurance Introduces Broker Universe - Platform for Brokers and Agents to Quote and Bind Robotics Insurance Products

Broker Universe lets brokers and agents quote and bind various robotics risks using Koop Insurance's proprietary products and platform

Introducing Broker Universe

Koop Insurance, an insurance technology company specializing in autonomous vehicles, robotics, and general automation risks, has launched a Broker Universe platform that lets insurance brokers and agents quote and bind Koop Insurance's suite of proprietary coverages designed for various use cases of automation. With the exponential adoption of robotics-based systems and services across all industries, brokers must be able to answer to the needs of their clients with an insurance solution fit for machine-centric risks. The platform features Koop Insurance's flagship product, Singularity Package, among others, which is a combined liability package purposefully designed for companies developing and deploying off-road autonomous vehicles, robotics, and other automation technologies. Brokers serving industries such as delivery, agriculture, construction, warehousing, manufacturing, security, mining, and many more are eligible for an appointment with Koop Insurance starting today.

The Broker Universe provides the benefit of streamlining the submission and quoting process for brokers. Additionally, the platform offers instant policy documentation, automated certificates of insurance, and custom risk reports for customers seeking to improve their operations. As a result, not only can brokers serve the existing books of the technology business but also win new business in the rapidly advancing robotics space with Koop Insurance's suite of automation-friendly coverages.  

"We built the Broker Universe knowing how much impact automation has on the risk landscape and that insurance brokers must adapt to capture the tremendous growth happening in this class of risk," said Sergey Litvinenko, CEO of Koop Insurance. "Our goal is to provide the best customer experience and drive an effective underwriting process for complex risks in the automation space. The Broker Universe is a key part of that mission."

Koop Insurance uses proprietary underwriting technology that makes the quote and bind process efficient for many automation use cases. The company's industry-first Singularity Package, which consists of General Liability, Technology Errors & Omissions, and Cyber coverages, can be purchased as a package or separately through the Broker Universe. The package is designed to protect the robotics industry from third-party bodily injury, property damage, and downtime liability.

"The Broker Universe and our Singularity Package are game-changers for the world of automation," said Kamron Khodjaev, CCO at Koop Insurance. "Insurance brokers and agents can now enter new markets and provide their existing robotics clients with tailored coverages in moments using our digital, full-service insurance platform. It has never been easier to protect your business from the potential risks of automation."

To learn more about the Broker Universe or insurance products available at Koop Insurance, please visit www.koop.ai or reach out at appointments@koop.ai.

Source: Koop Technologies