KoolSpan Strengthens Leadership in Instant Communications Security Sector: TrustCall Now Compatible With iOS

KoolSpan announces TrustCall and TrustCall Dome’s iOS compatibility, extending its mobile communication security products to Apple devices. This marks a milestone for KoolSpan, making the company’s proprietary “Dome of Protection” available to 99% of all mobile device users and reinforcing its position as a global leader in the enterprise secure instant communications market.

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KoolSpan, a leading vendor in secure mobile instant communications, announced today that its mobile communication security solutions, TrustCall and TrustCall Dome, are now available for iOS. 

With this latest announcement, KoolSpan’s patented cybersecurity communications product is now available on 99% of mobile devices, building on the organization’s momentum as a major player in the international instant communications market.

"Since its inception, TrustCall has been the trusted solution for protecting sensitive communications for federal government agencies and global enterprises. Our innovative 'Dome' technology forms a virtual shield enveloping the customer's desktops and mobile devices, effectively addressing many data privacy and cyberattack concerns," explained KoolSpan's COO, Alessandro Ossoli. "With the new iOS compatibility, KoolSpan extends its secure environment to Apple devices, seamlessly bridging different platforms and completing our comprehensive offering. This empowers users to collaborate securely, protected by the TrustCall Dome, regardless of their device or location."

In November, KoolSpan achieved FIPS 140-2 certification from the National Institute of Standards and Technology, making it eligible for deployments in U.S. federal governments and regulated industries. This certification validates KoolSpan’s ability to secure data using NIST standards for segmenting data via cryptographic libraries.

With TrustCall, users establish a “Dome of Protection" that isolates their data and communications from the public web creating uninterrupted workflows while enjoying an added layer of security around their mobile communications and data, making users invisible to malicious operators. 

Additionally, TrustCall offers end-to-end FIPS 140-2 encryption for voice and messaging communications, ensuring the utmost privacy and security for sensitive information, and shielding data both at rest and in transit (DAR/DIT). Trusted by government entities, global financial institutions, and Fortune 500 enterprises, TrustCall stands as a beacon of security in the world of mobile communication.

Jenkins Ravenel, KoolSpan CEO, emphasized TrustCall's critical role in the evolving landscape: "As more businesses and organizations shift toward hybrid work models, accessing sensitive data outside of secure networks, TrustCall has become an essential solution for perimeter protection. This latest release includes enhanced features that ensure complete protection against cyberattacks and interception."

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About KoolSpan:

KoolSpan is a leading provider of secure mobile communication solutions, empowering businesses and organizations to communicate securely and privately on mobile devices. Committed to the strictest data security and compliance standards, KoolSpan's solutions are trusted by some of the world's largest organizations. Headquartered in Germantown, Maryland, KoolSpan also has offices in Europe and Asia and holds 42 patents issued in the U.S. and globally. For more information, visit koolspan.com.

Source: KoolSpan, Inc.