Koenig Rowe - Campbell Alliance (KRC Alliance) - Stephen Hill Appointed Head of the Newly Created Emerging Market Opportunity Fund

Koenig Rowe Campbell Alliance - KRC Alliance, Mr. Stephen Hill has been appointed by the KRCA Board of directors as the head of the newly created Emerging Market Opportunity Fund

Mr. Hill will manage the newly created Emerging Markets Opportunity Fund and will continue to run the Koenig Rowe Campbell Alliance “Alpha Strategies” Desk.

Mr. Hill has 35 years of experience and is one of the Koenig Rowe Campbell Alliance co-founders.

The Koenig Rowe Campbell Alliance Emerging Market Opportunity Fund will focus on financial products traded on the international emerging markets.

The aim of the fund is to create a pool of capital and channel it towards fixed income financial vehicles traded mainly on the BRICS markets. The fund will be focusing on the commodity and equity markets in the developing countries.

“We are excited to take this step and create a fund that is meant to solidify our presence on the emerging markets and Mr. Hill is our best choice to lead the fund” – said Mr. Clement-Karl Roẅe – Co-Chairman of the Board of Directors, Senior Managing Director.

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