Koehler BrightStar's New Area Light, the BFL Area Light With 3000 Lumens, is a Big Freakin' Light!

It's only 3.5 pounds and rechargeable!

BFL Area Light

The BFL Area Light pivots 200 degrees to direct the floodlight where it is needed. Two dials on the top of the light set just the light color and brightness that is needed. Customers can dial the lumens up or down, dial up to 3,000 lumens for 2.5 hours of extreme brightness or down to 225 lumens for a run time of 56 hours. The second dial can be turned to select a natural, warm color to see details or turned in the opposite direction to show a bright white light to reveal true color.

The power cord plugs into any outlet and there is a USB port for mobile charging. The USB port can charge a phone, laptop, or anything else that need charging. A battery fuel gauge displays the state of charge in the battery. 

The B.F.L. Area Light sits squarely on the ground, and can attach to any steel surface (a truck, a wall of equipment, a door frame) with its strong  magnet. The B.F.L. Area Light is amazing. It's the B.F.L Area light from Koehler BrightStar. www.flashlight.com. See it all.™

Model #89000
MSRP $179.99

Koehler BrightStar, LLC. 380 Stewart RD., Hanover Township, PA 18706    

Press contact: Loring Grove 610-290-2081

Source: Koehler BrightStar