Kodama Launches $99 Boutique Plug & Print 3D Printer: Obsidian

Kodama announces Obsidian, the $99 3D printer that redefines what's possible at its price point

The makers of Trinus, 2016's highly successful Kickstarter-backed 3D printer and laser engraver, are launching a new 3D printer named Obsidian. It will be the first 3D printer made for professional applications starting at under $100.

Most additive manufacturing machines in this price range are not aesthetically designed, nor engineered for accurate printing. Many consumers who are eager to upgrade their skill set are unable to because there is no affordable 3D printer that boasts high-quality printing.

Kodama will offer limited Early Bird deals at $49 for the basic version of Obsidian. Those who sign up for the email list will be the first to learn about upcoming specials and announcements.

"We wanted to create a 3D printer that defies what's on the market. A sleek design, high-quality printing, and customizable, all starting at under $100," said Michael Husmann, the ex-Apple employee and founder of Kodama Inc.

Obsidian raises the bar in the sub-$500 3D printer market by offering individuals, small businesses, educational institutions, and startups — especially those heavily involved with art and design — access to an advanced level of 3D printing.

Obsidian is designed to deliver:

  • Great Price, Exceptional Value: For $99, consumers can experience 3D printing functionality that was once out of reach. Obsidian's design and features are more commonly found in devices that cost at least $1,000.
  • Unmatched Printing Quality: Obsidian prints 3D models the way they were intended. With layer thicknesses between 50-350 microns, Obsidian has proven it can print with impressive accuracy.
  • Reliable and Durable: Obsidian was built to outlast current sub-$500 3D printers on the market. Its chassis provides a stable printing experience, while the customized internal components decreases the need for frequent maintenance and recalibration.

Last year, Kodama raised over $1.6 million for Trinus, an all-metal 2-in-1 3D printer and laser engraver for under $500. Successfully shipping their breakthrough product to over 3,100 backers in 80 countries helped solidify Kodama, Inc. as an up-and-coming leader in affordable, high-quality 3D printing.

Some of Obsidian's features include:

  • Plug and Play: Obsidian comes fully assembled, making it easy to get printing started in a few minutes.
  • Smart Display: Obsidian's UI was tailor-made for Kodama by automobile UX designers to be inviting for beginners while packing all the controls a power user needs.
  • App Control: Obsidian's Pro's display runs on Android, allowing a myriad of new features. You'll be able to remotely monitor and adjust your print settings while recording time lapses and receive prompts when your print is done or if something needs your attention.
  • Wide Filament Compatibility: Obsidian works with most filaments on the market, making it the ideal 3D printer to complete a variety of projects.
  • Heated Bed: Expands printing options by allowing the user to print with ABS, PETG, and other filament types. Only available with Obsidian PRO.
  • Exclusive Obsidian PLA: Obsidian is a naturally formed volcanic crystal. This filament contains real crushed Obsidian powder stones, and is only available through Kodama.

Obsidian is Kodama's first self-developed 3D printer, and fulfills the vision of being a machine that will inspire a new wave of makers. Its design aesthetic has a premium look that Kodama hopes will appeal to first-time creators, with a spec sheet that will make Obsidian appealing even to veteran 3DP hobbyists. The Obsidian is capable of printing at a 50-micron resolution at a steady 70mm/s speed, and features a 120x120x120mm print volume. Early prototypes show print quality on par with and exceeding that of printers 10 times its price.

The Kickstarter campaign is set to launch in June 2017. Get a sneak peek and watch the intriguing video trailer linked below.

Kodama will offer limited Early Bird deals at $49 for the basic version of Obsidian. Those who sign up for the email list will be the first to learn about upcoming specials and announcements.

Obsidian will be exhibited at Maker Faire Bay Area from May 19th-21st. Kodama will showcase four prototypes and demonstrate Obsidian's printing capabilities. For more information on Obsidian and a chance to reserve your early bird spot, visit https://obsidian.kodama3d.com

About: Kodama is a small San Francisco-based team of entrepreneurs, designers, and engineers working on 3D printing technology. As firm a believer in the possibilities of 3D printing, Kodama conceptualizes and delivers products that provide unprecedented value for the global maker community.

Source: Kodama, Inc.

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