Koben Systems Inc. Announces EVOLVE EVSF the World's First Scalable EV Charging Battery Storage Solution for MURB, MUD and Workplace EV Charging

Koben announces EVOLVE EVSF —Grid-Friendly Modular EV Store & Forward System.

Koben today announced EVOLVE EVSFTM, an integrated system to reduce demand charges in large-scale Level II EV charging deployment.

EVOLVE EVSFTM is the single most important development in EVSE infrastructure for MURB, MUD and Workplace buildings. Demand charges may not be a concern for 1 – 10 EV chargers; most complexes can accommodate the power. But what happens when a large complex requires 150+ Level II chargers? North American construction By-Laws and building codes are rapidly changing to keep up with consumer demand for EV infrastructure.

“Current systems which use load-sharing/splitting or load-balancing are simply not enough when planning for the future. EV car batteries are increasing in capacity which extends charge time,” says Vic Burconak, President & CEO of Koben Systems Inc.

“With 24 hour days, current systems cannot deliver the full charge EV drivers want. The Chevy Bolt, for example, has a 60 kWh battery; using load balancing over two connectors, the power delivered is 3kW. With a 100kWh battery such as Tesla, well… 33 hours to charge is not practical,” says Vic Burconak.

EVOLVE EVSFTM uses store and forward technology to deliver the full rate of charge optimizing the charging time. By capturing energy from the grid during low peak rates, the EVOLVE EVSFTM will store energy and forward during peak times. This technology significantly reduces demand charges.

EVOLVE EVSFTM is grid-friendly and can be installed in areas with a constrained grid. Demand charge savings can range up to 80% or up to 100% if Solar is used.

“High installation and infrastructure costs are still a barrier and most buildings will not be able to support the type of power required in a few short years,” says Vic Burconak. Condo Boards and Committees are struggling with the reality of not enough electrical capacity and most reserve funds will not accommodate.

EVOLVE EVSFTM has been designed with sustainability in mind, helping to prevent runaway costs and adapting as the market advances.

Koben is committed to advancing the mass adoption of electric mobility. As an innovator and provider of a wide range of products and solutions in sustainable electric mobility, Koben is the intelligent choice. www.kobensystems.com

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Source: Koben Systems Inc.


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