Knoxville Fence Contractor Serves St. Mark Early Enrichment Program With Free Playground Fence Installation Project

Preschool received a new commercial ornamental steel fence and gate system at no charge through Rio Grande Fence Co. of Knoxville's annual service project program

RGF Knoxville Branch Office Team Photo from 2023 Service Project

On Dec. 12, 2023, Rio Grande Fence Co. served St. Mark Early Enrichment Program in Knoxville, TN, through an annual service project.

The preschool's playground received a new commercial ornamental steel fence and gate system at no charge to the preschool through Rio Grande Fence Co.'s annual service project program.

"We had to close a big portion of our playground because our old chain link fence was in such bad condition," said Amberley Weir - Assistant Director at St. Mark Early Enrichment Program.

The preschool’s playground was closed due to failing local fence codes in Knoxville. As part of Rio Grande Fence Co. of Knoxville's branch office opening, the company announced an opportunity for Knoxville non-profit organizations to apply for a 100% free commercial fence installation.

"After reading St. Mark's submission and speaking with Amberley about the state of their playground fence causing it to be closed, we felt compelled to select them for our first service project in Knoxville," said Derek Smith, Chief Operating Officer.

Rio Grande Fence Co. removed all of the broken chain link fence and replaced it with a 5’H Ameristar Montage Plus ornamental steel fence system. The two walk gates were outfitted with Locinox Mammoth-180 self-closing hinges and a D&D Technologies MagnaLatch magnetic gate latch.

"The new fence is going to allow us to open our playground back up and it's going to give us a safe place for our kids to play on every single day," said Weir. 

A new gate safety device from Locinox, the U-Safe stainless-steel cable, provides additional security to the gates used by the preschool. Should the gate ever become detached, the U-Safe keeps it from falling down.

"We're excited about opening our Knoxville branch office, and we thought this was the perfect way to introduce ourselves to the Knoxville community, by serving this great community and local non-profit by sharing what we are best at," said Smith. 

RGF's Knoxville, TN, branch office is now open for business and can be contacted at 865-333-3004 or for commercial fence projects.

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Source: Rio Grande Fence Co. of Tennessee

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