KnowledgeHound and Lucy Partner to Offer the Next Generation Knowledge Portal

Next Generation Knowledge Portal

​​​​KnowledgeHound and Lucy today announced a partnership that will launch knowledge portals into the next generation for enterprise organizations. The two companies are integrating their solutions for searching and analyzing text and data, respectively, to help insights professionals unlock the enormous potential buried in their customer and market research.

Lucy’s AI-Powered Knowledge Management helps organizations manage and leverage their vast sums of information and file formats living across files systems, through automated integrations with 20+ enterprise file systems such as SharePoint, Box, and OneDrive. She can even connect to third-party data sources. Lucy reads, listens, watches and learns all of the data across a myriad of file formats. Users ask her a question—and instantly find answers right within the source, wherever it lives.

KnowledgeHound, the first search-driven analytics platform for customer research, helps teams explore and visualize their survey data to discover answers that may not be readily available in final reports or documents. KnowledgeHound’s powerful search and analytics capabilities make it possible for users to search across any survey question they’ve ever asked, create custom visualizations, and quickly make data-driven decisions.

In this joint arrangement between the two software platforms, Lucy enables the search of unstructured assets (PDFs, Word, PPT, Video, HTML, Images) and KnowledgeHound provides querying of data files (SPSS, SAV, CSV) and display of visual analytics. Access to the search, visualization, and socialization of all marketing data is unified and available to users within the Lucy portal.

“In today’s rapidly changing digital age, it’s pertinent for us to offer our clients a way to make data-driven decisions at the drop of a hat. As specialists in survey data discovery, it is critical for us to fit into our client’s ecosystem of knowledge,” said Kristi Zuhlke, CEO and Co-Founder of KnowledgeHound. “Through this partnership clients can instantly search, visualize, and socialize not only their quantitative research but all of their research documents to make decisions that drive revenue within their organizations.”

“Our clients are looking to get the most value from the extensive knowledge they have created and accumulated through time, money and insights. There’s a huge competitive advantage to be gained in the process of effectively leveraging the vast pools of data spread across a company,” shared Scott Litman, Managing Partner of Lucy. “Our partnership with KnowledgeHound pairs best-of-breed technologies to create an enterprise knowledge portal to gain answers and insights that propel data-driven action.”

According to Deloitte’s 2019 Becoming an Insight-Driven Organization survey, 63% of executives claimed that their organizations are not insight-driven. When asked to identify where they fall on the Insight-Driven Organization Maturity Scale between one (not insight-driven) and five (analytical competitors), over half of those surveyed ranked themselves in the bottom two categories. Lucy and KnowledgeHound, together, aim to bring enterprises to a five on this scale by eliminating information silos and making it incredibly easy to transform their data into decisions.​

Source: KnowledgeHound