KnowledgeCity to Support World Youth Skills Day With Complementary Courses

Youth can access important skills training through a custom portal for two months

Youth Skills Day

KnowledgeCity, a leader in online training and development, is providing access to 36 of its courses for two months through a custom training portal in support of World Youth Skills Day (WYSD). Established in 2014 by the United Nations General Assembly, this day aims to "raise awareness of the importance of investing in youth skills development".

The United Nations estimated the number of unemployed youth to reach 73 million last year and the International Labor Organization states that youth employment remains a global challenge. KnowledgeCity recognizes the global skills gap that often impedes youth from feeling prepared to participate in the workforce and is aiming to help make a difference.

"A core belief we have at KnowledgeCity is that lifelong learning is a tool for developing a growth mindset, promoting diversity, and ensuring long-term success," said Marwan Alshaer, KnowledgeCity's Chief Executive Officer. "This belief aligns closely with World Youth Skills Day's objective of developing young people's skills and capabilities so that they can take on the professional world." 

Many of the younger generation feel ill-equipped and uneducated on the necessary skills needed to secure a successful future, this can have far reaching repercussions such as impact to their community's economic growth and development. It can also lead to an increase in anxiety, lack of hope and social exclusion for the unemployed youth.

"Most of the core challenges that professionals face in the field today revolve around accelerating technological innovations and continually changing work environments. By enabling the youth to acquire the necessary skills to navigate these evolving situations, we're not just preparing them to keep up with continuous change, but also empowering them to be future pioneers and leaders in their fields," said Alshaer.

KnowledgeCity will provide 36 beginner-level courses designed to empower and educate the next generation of workers. The training will be accessible via a custom portal for two months. The Training portal is and will include courses mapped to 12 specific competencies that training experts have identified as gaps that today's youth will need to learn to be successful in the workplace or get started as an entrepreneur.

KnowledgeCity training experts have identified these competencies as important skills that will greatly increase opportunities for youth seeking employment: teamwork, communication, critical thinking, problem solving, adaptability, creativity, self-management, learning mindset, digital skills, driving change, entrepreneurship, and job search skills.

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