KnowBagz: All Your Worries Are Gone!

​The unsettling feeling of whether you received the correct amount of product: GONE!

KnowBagz is a new startup looking to revolutionize packaging with their customizable vacuum packaging bags. Located in Texas, their vacuum packaging bags are sold by suppliers who put customer service first, allowing you to get the packaging vacuum sealable bags right for you.

Maintain The Highest Levels of Security and Confidence in Your Product

 It is a story we have all heard. A delivery is expected to arrive today. It arrives on time, everything looks great - except the weight. Ensuring the correct amount of product is received is just as important as an on-time arrival. Without the correct expected weight, how can your business run as planned?

Introducing KnowBagz

 If this has happened to your business, your concerns will soon fade. KnowBagz is a patent pending product that has been created with your packaging needs in mind. Each bag, no matter the design or length, will weigh as marked. This method of production decreases the stress placed on owners such as yourself, rendering the process of opening a bag and weighing product void. The process has been simplified, all you have to do is weigh the product within the bag and subtract the number of grams marked on the length of the bag and subtract it from the total.

The Excitement Surrounding KnowBagz

 A simply revolutionary fix to an old problem, KnowBagz creates a solution to knowing vacuum packaging bags weight without having to remove the contents. Some attempts have come before it, but with improved production technology, these thermoplastic seal bags can be rolled with minimal distortion that causes weight variations in packaging material.  Knowbagz is the only product that can ensure certainty. Although the product is patent pending, it has been featured in packaging digest with approval, stating "give KnowBagz vacuum sealed bag to your deliverer, and you will know it will arrive the same weight it was sent out."

About Patrick Tatom

 The inventor of Knowbagz has had success in inventions before. His previous patent is called, "Waxxcooler." The invention aided many scented wax creators in the redistribution and collection of scented wax. As he reaped the rewards of Waxxcooler, he turned his vision towards the need for reliable packaging material. This led to the creation of KnowBagz, his latest invention.



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