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Internet of Things is going to be a multi billion industry by 2020. Opportunities are many in this field and knowledge needed to make a difference is available at

According to Gartner Internet of Things field is soon going to be multi billion industry soon. Big players like IBM, Google, Intel and Mozilla are already fixing their focus on IoT. It is important for new age technologists and entrepreneurs to understand the importance of the new opportunities which will be brought forward. The problem is there is no reliable or one stop resource available for students and businesses to understand and implement the internet of things concepts. To deal with the situation a group of technocrats and professional engineers working in field of IoT applications has come forward. The group has launched a free internet of things encyclopedia at

The website is not a conventional encyclopedia but is different in many ways. The personal and content developers behind the website are making it easier for interested readers easier to understand the concept behind working of IoT platform and applications. The site is divided into mainly four categories. First one being the Wiki category where information on How, Why and what is internet of things is detailed. Readers can understand about hardware and software requirements, working of communication protocols and implementation challenges here. It is important for any enthusiast or application developer to understand the core concepts well.

Most important benefit of using the resources provided by this website is that readers can start rapidly building IoT devices. The easy availability of the information needed and the custom list of available open source IoT tools make it easier for novices to get started. In yet another section complete information about How-To DIY tips is provided. Readers interested in making use of already available IoT resources to get started with their application building can surely make use of these resources. There is step by step guide shared that helps businesses and entrepreneurs to avoid mistakes and make sure their startups are not pushed down due to poor technology oriented decisions.

The website is also source of many other resources. Readers can find IoT infographics, latest industry news, updates on events and insights about ideas and lot more. According to the team members, “Our motive with is to help innovators, businesses and learners equally. We have contributors and staff members who are working in IoT focused industry. We are willing to help anyone who is driven by the goal of innovating and rebuilding the smart world backed with IoT technology.


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