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KnitPro International, a leading manufacturer of products for the craft and hobby industry, under the brand names 'Knitter's Pride' and "KnitPro", has announced its acquisition of the brand rights for Lantern Moon, a U.S. based brand of tools and accessories for the knit and crochet market. The acquisition includes all IP, trademark, product and design rights. In addition, it ensures ongoing business and creative collaboration with the company's founders, Joel and Sharon Woodcock.

When asked about the decision, Joel Woodcock, had the following to say: "Sharon and I visited the KnitPro factory and offices in Jaipur. We came away confident that Lantern Moon products would benefit from KnitPro's production expertise. We were especially pleased to see that the Ebony they will be using in the production of the knitting needles will stay true to the original design."

Lantern Moon was founded by Joel and Sharon Woodcock in 2001. Its stated purpose was to preserve the indigenous craft and handwork of Vietnam and Cambodia by working, collaboratively with local artisans. Through ongoing training and ethical employment, the Lantern Moon brand helped support and improve the lives of their workers and families for over 16 years.

"KnitPro, being a family-owned business, has core values that complement our own," said Sharon Woodcock, former Creative Director of Lantern Moon. "We look forward to working directly with their creative and engineering teams."

Guided by international best practices, including extensive ecological compliance, and quality control methods, KnitPro has grown rapidly. It currently employs over 1200 people at its factory, located in Jaipur, India. It is one of the largest manufacturers of knitting and crochet-related products in the international market. KnitPro is a committed advocate of equal and fair market wages for all its employees and provides full healthcare and retirement benefits.

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