Knightsbridge Technology Group Launches a GRS Reinsurance System Cloud Offering

Knightsbridge Technology Group (KTG), a leading provider of reinsurance software solutions for the global property and casualty reinsurance market, today launched GRS Cloud, a cloud offering of its GenSphere Reinsurance System.  The Microsoft Azure Hosted offering of the GenSphere Reinsurance System is a cloud based, nimble, scalable, integrated business and accounting solution, designed exclusively for Property and Casualty reinsurance companies.

Reinsurers, as most other businesses, are making the transition from traditional in-house IT systems to cloud based system services, which offer improved flexibility and the ability to quickly scale based on business requirements. GRS Cloud is a progressive and easy to use cloud platform that is cost and time efficient, transparent and affords a secure and accurate operational environment.

The GRS Cloud offering is fully integrated and streamlines workflow for underwriting, claims, and the processing of technical accounts. With comprehensive interfaces to financial and document management systems, GRS Cloud is a flexible, powerful and cost effective on-line solution for both, established and start-up reinsurers. 

GRS Cloud supports all property and casualty reinsurance activities on a single integrated IT cloud platform, with end-to-end financial and statutory compliance. The GRS Cloud service enables the processing of all reinsurance business to be streamlined into one customizable platform that bridges the gap between accounting requirements and the detailed business needs of any reinsurance company.  The new GRS Cloud product offers proven reinsurance system, comprehensive data analysis and quicker monthly/quarterly closing cycles in a flexible and secure cloud environment.

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