KloudGaze Acquires International Consulting Company

Minnesota-based, early-stage software startup KloudGaze Inc. (the "Company") has finalized an agreement to acquire privately held GDPR Consultants, with global operations in Europe, Asia, and the USA and headquartered in New Delhi, India, in an all stock transaction.

KloudGaze is founded by Aditya Sharma, who is the majority shareholder of the Company and also serves as its President, CEO and Director Emeritus on the Board. Explaining the rationale of the acquisition, Aditya Sharma says, "KloudGaze is on an explosive growth mode with a proprietary technology that has a market potential of well over $500 billion, and GDPR compliance is a key portfolio for us. To support our customers with excellent consulting services to ensure they are not penalized with the nightmarish fines imposed due to GDPR, we have acquired GDPR Consultants which is a niche consulting company headquartered in India but with global customers. With this acquisition, we aim to gain a global customer base as well as create a services offering that will enable our customers to meet the compliance needs of an ever-changing paradigm. GDPR Consultants will now become the Consulting services arm of KloudGaze to be able to effectively serve our global customers."

KloudGaze is the world's only fully automated technology platform, offering the industry's only "Code Level Dependency Mapping Capabilities" that helps companies reduce application development costs by up to 50% and also ensures compliance at the application code levels to address key regulations like the European Union's GDPR, California's CCPA, Canada's PIPEDA and more.

Mr. Sharma adds, "This acquisition will uniquely position us in our upcoming Reverse IPO on the Nasdaq, and I have no doubts that KloudGaze will be the most sought-after company on the planet for this IPO."

Aditya Sharma further added, "With this new strategic move, we are also expanding our leadership team to make KloudGaze the most sought-after global company in a very short order. We will shortly be adding hundreds of new jobs in the company's home state of Minnesota as well as opening new offices and creating new jobs in multiple global geographies. We have an aggressive roadmap that will result in KloudGaze becoming a significant player in the Cloud enterprise and software compliance space very, very soon."

About KloudGaze, Inc.

KloudGaze, Inc. is a Minnesota-based enterprise software provider enabling rapid innovation and keeping the operations safe, compliant and manageable. It was founded by Aditya Sharma who conceived the flagship product to help organizations innovate and modernize legacy systems while minimizing cost and risk of business disruptions and ensure regulatory compliance.

For more information, please visit www.kloudgaze.com.

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