Klora Makes Its Debut as a Leader in Gut Health With a New Approach to Achieving Homeostasis

The subscription-based wellness brand presents its first supplement lines with two scientifically-supported products.

Klora Gut-Renew

Klora, a consumer health brand centered around the gut-mind-body connection, announced the launch of its first two products: Bloat-Digest and Gut-Renew. The line features scientifically backed formulas to help optimize digestion, cognitive function, and immune health.

Klora was co-founded by Dr. Kirten Parekh, Dr. Jonathan Snow, and Daniel Snow. Parekh, who serves as the brand's CEO, is a surgeon and Crohn's Disease survivor. It was his personal journey to wellness and getting back to normal that inspired the launch of the company. Parekh hopes to bring more attention to the importance of gut health and the way it affects the entire body with a new approach that specifically addresses inflammation and other root causes of dysbiosis.

The brand is launching at an opportune time when little attention is paid to the microbiome and its effects on the body by other wellness brands. There is public awareness of the digestive process and its role in overall health, yet few companies have taken action to support the gut. And for those who attempt to, little is invested to ensure the science behind their formulas is sound with proper quality control and transparency of ingredients.

"Klora is unique in the fact that we are shining a light on the delicate symbiosis between the gut, brain and body," said Parekh. "People don't realize but gut health has a profound effect on every aspect of your physical and mental well-being. For example, 90% of the body's serotonin, a hormone that is responsible for mood, is produced in the digestive tract." 

Klora's halo product, Gut-Renew, combines a prebiotic and a postbiotic in a unique capsule in capsule delivery system for the first time ever. The dual combination is meant to support the cells of the digestive tract while promoting diversity of the microbiome over time. All of the supplements are produced in the United States in GMP and FDA-certified facilities. The products are also non-toxic and free from synthetic fillers. Klora's current offerings include:

  • Gut-Renew features powerful prebiotic and postbiotic benefits that support the formation of good bacteria and optimal digestive function while modulating immunity and fortifying the GI barrier. 2'FL and Tributyrin in the form of patented Corbiome® are the stars in this two-in-one capsule delivery system.
  • Bloat-Digest features a proprietary blend of vegan enzymes derived from plants, with Bromelain Enzyme leading the way. Offering relief from bloating and fatigue, Bloat-Digest specifically targets different aspects of digestion making nutrition more bioavailable.

Klora is currently raising $1M for its seed round. The company will offer its ground-breaking supplements via a subscription-based model that will deliver savings and convenience for health-conscious consumers. The brand is scheduled to make its online debut on March 22nd, 2022. 

Learn more at Getklora.com.

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